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1. icepdf with jdk 1.4

6. Icepdf does not detect correct position of the word inside document.

I use the icepdf core to detect the position of the words inside pdf documents and I have trouble with one of these documents. The problem is that the line width is reported as 100 px length, since the width of the page is 400px. The position of each word inside line it's norrowed inside 100px. I mention that in Acrobat ...

8. Generation of the icepdf-core.jar and icepdf-viewer.jar

Hi, If anyone could let me know how to generate the icepdf-core.jar and icepdf-viewer.jar files,it would be of great help. I have already tried the approaches specified in the developer guide, but this doesn't seem to work!! I tried generating the jars using ANT version 1.8 but the build failed. Thanks in advance. Regards, Divya.

9. ICEpdf servlet example

Hi All, I have configured ICEfaces example provided in the ICEpdf4.1.1 src. Everythign is working fine with demo file (ICEpdf Developers Guide.pdf). When ever I am changin the demo file name to other pdf file name in faces-config.xml file, first page is displaying as it is. First time next button is working and displaying the 2nd page. But when I click ...

10. problem with Netbeans and ICEpdf

13. is icepdf free to use?

14. ICEpdf multi threading issue