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1. JSF switching image

This is a follow-up to question Using with an enumeration After following the suggestion from the accepted answer, I encountered another problem. The real image path (my code was example ...

2. How to get an image or js from a JAR in the server in JSF (For a custom component)

I have done a custom JSF component (it looks like a combobox (icefaces selectonemenu)) but it uses a couple of images (png) and a bit of javascript. I jar everything, so then ...

3. + and - Images in tree

4. image caching

6. Ice:Tree - Default images being shown for tree nodes

Dear all, I have built a tree using icefaces and have overriden the node images as explained in the post below: However, the tree still refers to some default images being referenced by the stylesheet. (tree_nav_top_close.gif, tree_nav_middle_close.gif and tree_nav_bottom_open.gif) Now I see a cross for the default image(because it cannot be found) and right next to it I see the ...

7. Background images on main form

I have just started using ICEFaces with Java Studio Creator 2. One thing I need to do is have a background image on the main form. I took one of the timezone projects and added an image to the background, of the main body, but it would not display. Do I need to do something more than set the background image ...

8. Image not showing in browser

9. Graphic Image & Page Buttons Not Working!

I tried using icefaces yesterday & today. And my goodness it was a struggle. When you try to use the page paginator it does not show the buttons in the ide but only in the web page. I don't know how one is supposed to design the page properly without seeing what a component actually looks like. If Sun had not ...

10. background images not being rendered

13. Images in selectOneMenu

14. images, rime style sheet problem

Hi, i'm using icefaces in a spring project with jpa, all run on apache tomcat 6. Eclipse Galileo is the ide. The problem is as follows For some reason, when i edit a image from css-images folder (rime style), the project not reflected the change that i made. additionally, if i delete the images, the project not reflected that . The ...

15. ice graphic image problem

16. images from showcase ICEFaces

Hello guys, i have a question. I want to know where are the icons and all images that are used in tree showcase ICEFaces? for example: i typed this on my jspx file: But as a result, i didn't see any picture. Only a text "Dialog". And for example this one: It did show an ...

17. display image after uploding it

19. JSC2-1 Can't get background image

20. Image in dynamic datatable displays only in last row

private void createBody() { _table.setValue(tableData); _table.setVar("data"); _table.setVarStatus("status"); UIColumn prtCol = new UIColumn(); HtmlOutputText outputText = new HtmlOutputText(); FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); ExpressionFactory exprFactory = context.getApplication().getExpressionFactory(); ValueExpression prtFNVe = exprFactory.createValueExpression(context.getELContext(), "#{data[" + 0 + "]}", String.class); outputText.setValueExpression("value", prtFNVe); prtCol.getChildren().add(outputText); _table.getChildren().add(prtCol); for (int i = 1; i < tableData[0].length; i++) { UIColumn column = new UIColumn(); HtmlGraphicImage image = new HtmlGraphicImage(); ValueExpression imageUrlVe ...

21. Image flickers

22. captcha image in icefaces

23. Extending behaviour of all Input Elements to Show "Required Image"/then " Right Check Icon"

Hi everyone, I've a requirement where I need to render a " * Required " image next to every Input Element. TextField then show " * Required Image Icon" Dropdown " * Required Image Icon" Radio Button Group " * Required Image Icon" etc. And Once Proper input has been put/selected, the " Required Image Icon " turns into " Right ...

24. Problem in rendering Image with byte array

Hi, I am facing a problem in rendering an image on a jsp. My jspx code is: showFile() is: public String showFile(){ System.out.println("enter into showFile"); try { fis = new FileInputStream(inputFile); setPdImage(fis.toString().getBytes()); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { System.out.println("file not found"); e.printStackTrace(); } return ""; } Here, I am unable to ...

25. Gaps in Tree Images


26. Problem displaying image

I am using ICEfaces 2 in Eclipse Helios. I have a component configured as follows:

27. Ajax loading image

28. ice:selectInputType overlay in images

29. Refresh image

30. Background image on login page?

31. Datatable sorting images

32. Images not being rendered

33. Background Images

34. Clickable dynamic image problem

Hello, I am trying to write a component implementing a clickable dynamic image based on data from a database, rather than from a fixed URL, as done by GraphicImage. I have been trying to adapt the example by Peter Muir from Seam Wiki. In order to provide clickability, I wrap my DynamicImage component into CommandLink. The image is displayed OK, but ...

35. how to preload images on a page

37. Dynamic image component upcoming?

38. link on image

39. how to use graphic image

40. Data Table with an image column

41. Main Form Image stays as background

I have an application that has a main login form with a background image. The rest of the pages do not have a background image, but I have set the background color. When I navigate away from the login page, the background image from the login page appears to be a background image for all the subsequent pages. I see my ...

42. selectImputeDate doesn't show image

43. data table sorting image

44. Change Image for selectInputDate

Hi, i tried to change the Close-Image of the selectInputDate Component (in xp skin.css known as cal_off.gif) but nothing works. So i take a look into the component and i found out that the path to the gifs and the name of the gifs are defined inside the SelectInputDate.class. I think its a Bug isn't it ? If i false please ...

45. ice:tree icon images

How come i can't use my own images for the icons of the tree nodes. If i reference a gif that i created the image doesn't display. But if the gif is one of the images that icefaces provides than it displays. Even if i remove the image from the images folder in my webapps directory , it still shows up. ...

47. Background Image problem

50. background-image for a table

51. how to hide the +/- image in tree

52. edit image

55. Background image flashes

burferd Joined: 04/05/2006 00:00:00 Messages: 381 Offline Not sure what to look for, but here is the output from 3 button pushes Code: [window] : Interup pressed [window] : User action. Set focus will be ignored. [window.wkoZ#1.async-connection] : send > | ice.submit.partial=true || | | ice.event.captured=htmlForm1:image1 | | ice.event.type=onclick | | ice.event.alt=false | | ice.event.ctrl=false | | ice.event.shift=false | | ...

56. Updating HtmlGraphicImage from an Image?

I have an applet that displays images from a web cam. I want to add this functionality to my ICEfaces application. In the applet, I fetch an Image object (image) from the camera stream and use this to display the Image in a Jlabel component (label). Code: label.setIcon( new ImageIcon( image.getScaledInstance( x, y, Image.SCALE_FAST ) ) ); What I want to ...

57. How to change dataTable spacer column image reference

Hi, I am developing an application use iceface 1.7.1 with facelets implementation. we have multiple page directories under webtoot. When using dataTable, seems like iceface adds a spacer column in between data columns referencing css-images/spacer.gif. and the path is relative to the current page directories. So by default we have to store a copy of the xmlhttp/css/rime/css-images directories under each page ...

58. inputFile, image , servlet

Hi, I am using 1.6.2 and uploading an Image into the BLOB data, later using i display the image, the image does not render in the browser but it is saving to the DB. The servlet is not called everytime when the image is changed. It is changing only after logout and login or refresh

59. instant image display

Hii ,I want to display a image instantly after upload without relaoding or redeploy my application in Application server. My UI code ----------------

60. How to display an image in a constrained size

Hi I need to display an remote image in an area of say 70x70. I'm using the graphicImage component, and the value of it is the URL of the image If images are bigger than 70x70, I would like them to be automatically resized so that they fit in the 70x70 square, while preserving the aspect ratio. How can I achieve ...

63. How to access user portrait images in IceFaces

Thank you - I should have updated this before, as we found an easy solution. The problem was that our plugin is in a different context so to access the images we need to go up one directory. So we now have in the backing bean a method that returns: "/../image/user_portrait?img_id=" + user.getPortraitId() + "&t=1235925205763" That's all! (Note we haven't worked ...

64. Liferay + Icefaces Image Upload preview problem

Hi All We are building an application using Liferay(5.2.2) and icedaces(1.8). We used fileupload component from Icefaces to upload images. We have a reuirement to show preview of images which are uploaded. We have done followig things. Take the image to be uploaded. Compress it to give size ( say not more than 50X50, ~250 kb) Set the preview in Managed ...