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1. icefaces include argument passing

I have two xhtml-s, one including the other. My problem is that parameter passing is not working for me:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <html xmlns=""

2. Include a JSF inside another

I'm trying to use the facelets but I do not recognize the tag javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX . jspx In the faces-config.xml: com.icesoft.faces.facelets.D2DFaceletViewHandler i into one. jspx

4. Including jspx in jspx

6. dynamicly include external page in my app

I've had a similar problem in the past. To help get the browser to pick up on the new url paramaters I also added an extra paramaterer with the currentTime string. For some reason this extra string was enough to trigger the browser to reload the content. Unfortunately I can't remember which browser was causing me the problem.

8. ui:include inside of c:forEach, some more

i have a list of items. each item has a unique method to display itself. so i do something like: where item.template is another facelet that understand what that particular item is. this works fine, until an item is removed from the list. then i see item.template and item are out of sync; the value ...

9. Simple include from bean

12. including pages

ok so i have an application developed in icefaces, lets say a PanelTabSet. i wanna know if its possible for me to import into one of those tabs another webpage that is NOT done in icefaces... just... supply icefaces the link to that page and it would display that page in my tab. possible? thank you for your help in advance ...

13. Icefaces includes?

14. Dynamic Fragmet include ui:include stop working under icefaces 1.8.1

We are porting a icefaces 1.7.2 SP2 project under Netbeans 6.5 to icefaces 1.8.1 (netbeans 6.5 too). Always seems to work fine, only dynamic fragment inclusion don't work. We don't have any kind of exception, just the fragment is not diplayed. The code for fragment inclusion is simple: Anyone can help about this? Thanks in advance ...

17. multiple levels of include files

18. Several dynamic Include Problems

19. Problem with a dataTable and ui:include

public class TestBean { private static final String NAV1 = "test1.xhtml"; private static final String NAV2 = "test2.xhtml"; private UIData table; private List values ; private String navigation = NAV1; //... Getters and setters ommitted ... public void clicked(ActionEvent event) { if (NAV1.equals(navigation)) { navigation = NAV2; } else { navigation = NAV1; } } }

20. problems with icefaces components and ui:include

Hey, I'm an ICEfaces Newbie hope that anybody can help me: I want to use the icefaces calendar component, which i've put into cal.xhtml file, when i start glassfish it works properly, but when i include it with another "xhtml" to my complete page the calendar doesn't work anymore (it's viewed but nothing happens when i click on it) After some ...

22. extend failed, please check that all dependencies are included

I got this error in all browsers "extend failed, please check that all dependencies are included" when I used ace:dateTimeEntry in my page. I have tried putting the configuration as below. org.icefaces.mandatoryResourceConfiguration org.icefaces.component.sliderentry.SliderEntry org.icefaces.component.datetimeentry.DateTimeEntry I also put styleclass in the body and after body. I have used the icefaces 2.0 EE edition with JSF 2.1.1 given for ...

23. include in icefaces

24. include-coda and ices

25. POST_DATA includes all values

26. Include how to resolve "Unresolved references" in update notes

Specificly refering to JSC2, but it probably relates to other IDEs Every time I update to a new version of ICEfaces, I have to figure out how to resolve the "Unresolved references" that are caused by removing the previous version of ICEfaces. Is there any way that the procedure for handling this can be added to the release notes to make ...

28. Can't include "a.jspx" into "b.jspx" using IceFaces

When trying to include a simple page a.jspx into b.jspx with the syntax the following error appears: ********************************************************* 15:54:41,813 ERROR [UIComponentTag] Faces context not found. getResponseWriter w ill fail. Check if the FacesServlet has been initialized at all in your web.xml. 15:54:41,813 ERROR [[jsp]] Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception java.lang.NullPointerException ********************************************************* One page alone works fine, so web.xml ...

29. dynamic include

30. dynamic include

Hi I am no expert but i think to use this kind of dynamic include u have to use facelets instead of using the jsp include directive u will have to use the tag then in the bean u can set the path. u can download facelets and use its taglib for the same Hope this helps Rajat

32. ui:include versus ui:define

34. Dynamic Include & Bean Scope Question

35. ICEFace x include page

36. Problem with include