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You can add an actionListener on the inputFile component, and in there simply move the file from where it initially uploaded, over to whichever subdirectory is appropriate. I would caution against all users uploading into a common directory, since there's many security concerns. There's an attribute on inputFile called uniqueFolder which will separate the uploaded files by the user sessions, so ...

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helo guys! I have one problem ! I have one form whith many fields! but in the end this form I have one ice:inputfile , when I make this upload in refresh my data lost. what I do for the resolve this problem , after upload inputfile I dont want lost my data! I need a help ... very thanks ! ...

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harsha Joined: 28/04/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 2 Offline thnx philip, that solved the problem. but now a new issue raised. We are using icefaces 1.6.2, seam and jboss server 4.2.2. Do i need to mention this in the web.xml. com.icesoft.faces.uploadDirectory upload Do i need to get any other jar files other than file-upload.jar? Secondly, I am using a actionlistener in ...

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10. InputFile - problem intercepting file.

Strange. If you just want to have access to the object, then make the inputFile's file attribute be a ValueBinding into your bean. Then your setter method will be called when a file successfully uploads. Alternatively, in your actionListener, you can call getFileInfo(), and use whatever data is in the FileInfo object.

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13. inputFile ( fileChooser ) Question

Is there a setting so that this tag wont actually upload the file that was browsed for. I guess that would be something like a fileChooser. I just don't want to actually upload the file since some of the files are so large and it would slow the network down. Thanks in advance, Eric Bieche

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