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1. ice:selectInputDate and ice:inputSecret

Hi, I'm have a problem when I select the calendar and in the page I have a inputSecret. When press the pop up of calendar the partial submit of calendar fire the other field of my form partial submit to. I can to submit only my calendar and no my other fields of my form. Thank you

4. inputSecret problem

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5. disable cache for ice:inputSecret on Firefox 3.0.12 Windows Vista

public class CacheValidator implements PhaseListener { public PhaseId getPhaseId() { return PhaseId.RENDER_RESPONSE; } public void beforePhase(PhaseEvent event) { FacesContext fc = event.getFacesContext(); HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse) fc.getExternalContext().getResponse(); response.addHeader("Pragma", "no-cache"); response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache"); response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store"); response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "must-revalidate"); response.addHeader("Expires", "Mon, 7 Aug 2006 01:00:00 GMT"); response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "max-age=0"); } public void afterPhase(PhaseEvent event) { } }

6. inputSecret losing it's value

I have a form with the following snippet. It's a registration form that needs to accept two passwords (for verification that the two entered are the same and to measure length to ensure they meet the minimum required) and is validated in the code below. The issue is the first of the two fields' value gets reset no matter if the ...

7. inputSecret + readonly=true

9. inputText vs inputSecret in IE

10. ice:inputSecret encryption

11. Navigating to a page upon hitting Enter in inputSecret - how ?

I'm working with netbeans 5.5/VWP and IceFaces 1.6. I have a login page with username and password fields as well as login button. I have an action associated with login button and it work as expected (validates password and navigates to main page on success). However I can not figure out how to get the same behavior on hitting Enter in ...

12. Problem with InputSecret

13. InputSecret not executing action on hitting enter key

I have a login page that has a weird discrepancy for some reason. I know I've missed something but I have not been able to figure it out for two days now. I was hoping somebody here could put a fresh set of eyes on it and point out what I've obviously missed. Everything works fine on the page except hitting ...

15. Question about inputSecret

16. ice inputSecret component not working properly

I am trying to make a registration form using IceFaces. The first problem I encoutered is IceFaces calling all of the event listening methods instead of just the one where the actual event happened. I am now with the problem of inputSecret component. Its content gets erased everytime an event occures and the ValueChangeEvent handler gets fired. Here is some sample ...