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2. Formating inputText

3. inputText problem

in my jsp page i use selector like this: in the backingbean the listener is like this: @DataModel private List users; @DataModelSelection("users") @Out(required = false) private UserRow selectedUser; public void rowSelectionListener(RowSelectorEvent event) { this.setEdit(false); this.detail=true;"--------------------user:"+this.selectedUser.getNt_username()); } but in the display page, if i use ice:outputtext, it can display the selectedUser object correctly, but if i use ...

5. [Solved] Problem with Double and inputText

Hi, I have a form with an inputText that refers to a Double in the managed bean. At the beginning the Double has a null value and the inputText is empty, but if some partialSubmit of another field is launched the inputText change to 0.0. What can I do to prevent this happening? Thanks

6. InputText strange behaviour

InputText seems not to work properly with firefox autocompletion sending incomplete or empty values back to server. This behaviour occurs when you select text from autocompletion list using enter key and can be observed for example in Component Suite Showcase -> Extended Components -> Buttons and links demo. Expected behaviour should be not to send data to server at all when ...

10. inputText , label in visual design

11. Cant able to clear after validation failed

Am using Icefaces 1.7.0.. Am using with an associated validator in the backing bean and using for displaying error in validation. I want to clear the form with clear button. After validation error occurred when am trying to clear the the form, the value of the validation failed component remains the same. Its not get cleared..

12. Data tabe sorting with inputText

Hi, I have created a standard DataTable with header sorting and pagination. Everything works fine with the Data Table cells being tags. However, the column sorting and pagination does not work when the data table cells are . Could you please help me out? Doesnt the sorting and pagination work with inoutText or is there something i am missing? Thanks. ...

14. inputFile + inputText problems

Hello, I have a few problems with my inputFile component. This is my code: 1) inputFile works, the file arrives on the server, but the inputText userid is not set, what do I have to do that I receive the inputText in the bean too? 2) if (inputFile.getStatus() == ...

16. ValidationException locks dynamic inputText update

Hiya I have a rowSelector that updates a bunch of inputText components when you click on dataTable rows. When I click on a commandButton the validator on one of the inputText components fails throwing a ValidationException as such: throw new ValidatorException(new FacesMessage("You can't delete yourself")); This sets a message: and from then on clicking on datatable rows ...

17. inputtext, readonly and 1.8.0

19. Datatable + inputtext

20. inputText fields in dataTable

22. using getElementByID with

Hello, I am trying to get value from a form and a inputtext.. in function submitAction(){ var test=document.getElementById('inputText1'); var test1=test.value; alert(test1); } why cant I use test.value??? how do I else get the value?? are using visual web iceface in netbeans

23. ice:inputText with ice:selectOneMenu

Hi all.. i have ice:inputText and ice:selectOneMenu , and when the user enter the value at the inputText ,then the valueChangeListener fired and do some calculation, then the suitable item at the selectItems should be selected. i tried this at the valueChangeListener metho by setting (setValue) for the selectOneMenu .. but it doesn't work.. anybody know how?

24. inputText inside of dataTable

Hello everybody, I'm using icefaces 1.8 together with spring framework on glassfish v2.1 I have a selectInputDate component on the page, and also dataTable with inputText components inside of it. The scenario is as follows: when a date is selected from the calendar, a valueChangeListener performs, which retrieves data from database(according to selected date), stores it in the List and then ...

25. ice:inputText required=true

26. inputText and Double conversion

27. Store data in ?

29. inputtext retains old value

Hi, brian. Did you finally resolve this stuff. My scenario is a datatable, each row I select it show data about a book: tittle (outpuText) autor (outpuText) editorial (outpuText) content (ice:inputTextarea) everything change except "content". I debug in console and the value is taken correctly from the bean. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance

30. Problems with ice:inputText

31. disabled flag in inputText

34. InputText not hiding

36. Set javascript select in inputtext field

my problem is like this. I have popup window with an inputText field. i'am opening and closing popup with click on command button. what i want is to select the text inside inputText fiel. Beacuse when i open popup there is already some text in it, and i want to be highlighted, like it is when i doubleclick it on that ...

37. setting array value for inputText?

39. inputText disappearing values

41. required="true" in ice:inputText

43. Error in inputtext

hi, when i want insert from a inputext into a pojo class the value of inputtext refer to the getter of pojo class but it must refer to setter class such following: : refer to the getter of property name while it must refer to setter property name.

44. inputtext feild is not render

45. Doesent perform operation on iceface component inputText filed

Hello i am creating master detail form on that i am creating a new row in data table when i click on button at that time create a blank record means a new blank object in backing bean. when it create a blank input text fileds on that inputtext field 1st time value change listener operation is not perform. if you ...

46. text inputtext selected

47. dynamic InputText in ice faces thru javascript

Hello! I just want to ask how can I get the value of inputText component from javascript? var cell3 = row.insertCell(2); var element3 = document.createElement("input"); element3.class = "iceInpTxt portlet-form-input-field"; element3.size = "3"; = :frmTS:txtMon"+iCtr; = frmTS:txtMon"+iCtr; element3.type = "text"; element3.value = "#{timeSheet.activity}"; --> I can't get the value of this one even though I made a backing bean for ...

49. Load from

50. Load from

Hi everyone I'm trying to extract some data from an control; in particular I want to copy the values of two cells from the selected row to a couple of controls. This is my Java code: Code: public void rowSelectionListener(RowSelectorEvent event) { selectedDatos.clear(); setDescripcion(""); ReglaT reglaT = (ReglaT)reglas.get(event.getRow()); if (reglaT.isSelected()){ selectedDatos.add(reglaT); setDescripcion(reglaT.getDescripcion()); } } and the segment of JSPX: ...

51. InputText onkeypress

52. Inputtext bindiing attribute

Hi all, I have developed a application using jsf and icefaces. The probelm is i have a page where i want to show the logged username and stored that in a database. i have created a iface page to show the users like this Code:

57. RE: Inputtext ondblclick attribute.

58. inputText component behaving badly?

Hi everyone, I have gotten quite a bit of experience using Icefaces in the last year, currently using 1.8.2. The following has me baffled. Both of these examples are on the same facelet 1) I cannot set a inputText field using bean/EL and get it to show after clicking a submit button, but I can with an outputText component on the ...

59. Problem with reset of inputText fields

I have an edit page with multiple inputText fields and a Reset button. The reset actionListener restores backing bean values for the text fields. Here's the problem: If immediate is true for the button, validation of the inputs is not done, model data is properly restored, but the input fields continue to display whatever the user has typed in. If ...

60. inputText id and value

Hi folks! I am a bit suffering by a very simple problem. There is a small inputText which i want to handle with a backing bean, but i am getting always a wrong (auto generated id) The piece of relaed jsp code: The processing bean piece: public void addxx(ActionEvent e) { this.infotxt ...

62. watermark texts in inputtext components

Hi, i have javascript code, which shows some watermark (help) texts in my inputtext components. this watermark is shown only, when component doesn't have focus and no value is entered. So, my code observes 'blur' and 'focus' events of this input field and shows/hides watermark. This works fine, but my problem is how to prevent watermark text being submited as a ...

63. Doubt with inputText component

64.  'action' event and 'actionListener'

65. onkeydown event on inputText

66. inputText looses data

67. converDateTime is not working in inputText component

I have a table in which one of the columns is an ice inputText component where I wish to enter a date of type dd/MM/yyyy. To check the validity of the entry I use convertDateTime. When a false date is entered such as 45/12/2010 the error is detected but a message is not displayed. However, when I enter a valid date ...

68. Inputtext

70. inputText value sticking

I've ran into this problem today and am not sure how to fix it. I have a dataTable with a rowSelector attached. One row can be selected. Once a row is selected, a popup panel is displayed with a few textboxes. These textboxes are populated by the values associated with the selected row. Basically, the popup panel is just a way ...

71. ice:inputText vs h:inputText behavior difference

I have a form with a ice:inputText and a cancel button created with a ice:commandButton. The button has the immediate property set to true. However when I enter a new value into a field, the value still get transfrered to my backing bean when I click on cancel. If I replace the ice:inputText with a h:inputText I don't have this behavior. ...

72. 2 inputText for one object

73. inputText: where to click?!

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately it is not that easy. That inputText has the same significant attributes (of course except value and id) and style (except margin-top) as another inputText which lays only a few lines above in my xhtml, in the same panelGrid (which is contained in a panelGroup) which it shares with 2 selectOneMenu and 2 commandButtons. I might ...

74. ajax in ice:inputText / h:inputText

Hi, Unfortunately, the Compat / "ice:" components do not extensively support in the current ICEfaces 2.0.2 release. There is a JIRA to add this support: . Please vote for it. During the initial ICEfaces 2 development the priority for supporting this was lowered on the compat components as it was expected that most users would rely on ICEfaces automatic-ajax ...

75. Validation of inputText

76. inputText caching value

Hi ! I'm currently witnessing a weird behavior, I don't know how to fix it. I have 2 page, 1 is a list and another one is an edition form. Both share the same managedBean. In the list I can select an item (row selection event, where I set my internal object inside my manage bean), click on an edit button ...

78. inputText and put a dataTable

79. inputtext update problem

80. Inputtext problem

Hello I have I believe a very trivial problem but somehow i am strugling more than hour. I have a DataTable. At the right I have a small panel that consists of 2 outtexts and on inputtext. This elements are value binded to the currently selected row of the datatable. And here comes the problem. When a row is selected the ...

84. change value inputText

On having changed a value selected of the selectOneMenu, the value of the field does not change inputText. java code: public void changePickList(javax.faces.event.ValueChangeEvent event) { try { if (event.getComponent().getId().equals("frwtablecode")) { //Implementar condicion o eliminar instruccion } else if (event.getComponent().getId().equals("Dbasqltype")) { for (int i = 0; i ...

86. Problem with dynamic inputText...

87. DataTable with dynamic inputtext does not work

Hi, when you debug your model code, can you see then if the values you apply to your inputText fields are the same or are they different? Are the objects in your underlying model distinct objects? Also make sure to assign a different id to each of your inputText fields. Best regards, Michael

88. inputText is not working

Hi, I have created simple jspx which contain inputTex and outputText componet. And I have created java bean for this. when i run this application its giving following error: I have attached both my jspx and jav bean class here. Error: javax.faces.FacesException: Can't parse stream for /Pagi.jspx Failed to execute JSP lifecycle. at com.icesoft.faces.application.D2DViewHandler.renderResponse( at com.icesoft.faces.application.D2DViewHandler.renderView( at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.RenderResponsePhase.execute( at com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl.phase( at ...

89. How to do Dynamic Rendering of InputText?

Hi, I have created JSPX page with 2 inputText and submit button. I need to change inputText value when i change other inputText value with enter tab. here is my jspx code and java bean. JSPX:

Effective From Month
Def. Eff. To Month

90. doubt with inputText

Hello I have inputText in my page. The user can insert data manually in this field. I hava a popup where the user can select an item to insert value in this same field. When a user select an item from the panel popup, the value of the inputText is send to my backing bean, but the inputText field doesnt show ...

91. problems with pre-populating ice:inputText

Folks, How do I pre-populate input field with some value? The component seems to only call the setter of the backing bean but the getter is never called. Here is a fragment of the page. When the user clicks on the selectOneListbox the ...

92. ice:inputText id attribute with javascript

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93. weird behaviour of multiple inputText fields on form all pointing to the same backing bean

If I have a form, with 4 inputText fields on it all pointing to the same value in a backing bean, then if I change either of the first 3, they all get reset to the value of the 4th. But if I change the 4th one, all the others change to this value. What's the logic behind this ? (and ...

94. Highligh mandatory inputText fields

95. inputText visible propertie not work

96. ice:inputText onkeypress problem

98. Problem with

99. value in an inputText doesn't render

here is a jsp code snippet where i call an action: here is the action that sets all the fields i wan to render in my inputText: public void sameAsHomeAddress(ValueChangeEvent e) { if(!isSameAddressChck()){ setSameAddress(true); setSameAddressChck(true); //set the data to the EJB bean if (getPostalCodeReference() == null) { ...

100. How to create mask in inputText field??