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1. JSF inputTextArea valueChangeListener

Is there any way to force firing of valueChangeListener during typing into an component? I am trying to simply count the number of chars user has entered in the textArea without ...

2. Losing sort table column functionality with inputTextarea component

It seems related to the EL Resolver where it does not sort the data back end binding. ie, if using #{currentRow.Statusnotes}. currentRow has the concrete implementation of statusnotes. currentRow is the dataModel.currentRows implementation. in Visual Web Project, since it is all called through Reflection coding. so the {currentRow['RPA']} naming is used. enjoy, Frank

5.  takes more rows in firefox inside

6.  takes more rows in firefox inside

takes more rows in firefox inside I have given 2 rows for iceinputtextarea .But it is taking three rows in iceinputtextarea inside data table in firefox Please give me how to overcome this ...

7. ice:inputTextarea and XML

Hi, I've got an interesting problem, and i hope someone can help me out. Here it is: i have created an icefaces app that loads a piece of XML from the database. I show this XML in an ice:inputTextarea with readonly set to true. I have created a button and some logic to save the content of this textarea back to ...

9. inputTextarea scroll Mozilla vs IE

10. ui:repeat and ice:inputTextarea

15. inputTextarea with full HTML support

17. Autoscroll for readonly inputTextArea

Hello Guys! I am rather new to IceFaces and I am trying to write a TelnetOverHttp Application. The async calls work fine, the only problem is, that the TextArea doesn't scroll automatically to the bottom when new text was added. Is there an easy way to make this work? I haven't found any methods/properties for this. Thanks for help!