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1. ICEfaces-Seam integration

2. Integration Issues

3. ICEFaces with Struts 2 integration - partial success

app com.icesoft.faces.concurrentDOMViews false com.icesoft.faces.debugDOMUpdate false com.sun.faces.validateXml true com.sun.faces.verifyObjects false com.icesoft.faces.uploadMaxFileSize 4048576 javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD server com.sun.faces.enableRestoreView11Compatibility true com.icesoft.faces.synchronousUpdate false 30 Acegi Filter Chain Proxy org.acegisecurity.util.FilterToBeanProxy targetClass ...

5. Component Integration

Hi! I'd like to pose a question to the ICEfaces experts out there regarding a new project I am architecting. Specifically, I'm looking to create an HR app with org chart capabilities. I see tie in's with Drag and Drop components, charts, JAXB, spring security, JSF & Facelets and hibernate. Most of the app is pretty straightforward other that the actual ...

7. JBoss 4.0.4 GA Integration

I apologize if this has already been covered somewhere, but ... I am trying to get ICEfaces CE working on a jboss-4.0.4-GA installation working. The only way I can get the tutorials going is if I delete my jsf-libs directory. This is a non-starter because it kills all of existing applications. I tried - commenting out the etc. in ...

8. Integration in Struts

9. ICEfaces and Flash integration

Hi, I'm trying to integrate a flash component (amCharts) with ICEfaces. Let me first describe how it works: This Flash component provides a javascript API. A javascript init() function is called when the Flash is initialized, where a javascript variable is set with the flash object. Then, I can control the Flash component from my JSF bean, using the javascript API ...

10. Netbeans 6.8 Integration

11. JSC2-1 integration

I have added the component library. In JSC2-1, I can see the ICEFaces components in the component palatte. In JSC2-1 Tools->Component Library Manager shows the ICEFaces Component Suite (EA) with - Design Time pointing to icefaces-webui.jar, icefaces-dt.jar, icefaces-webui-dt.jar - Run time pointing to icefaces-webui.jar, icefaces-dt.jar - javadoc pointing to - 3 more items with no libraries In my program I ...

13. SWF Integration

14. JSC2-1 integration question - component visibiity

I am rephrasing an earlier post. I have an existing JSC2-1 project that I want to update with partial submission so I can get rid of some unnecessary client-server refresh and screen flicker. The project is a one page login session that lends itself to the partial submission. I have three sets of buttons and a couple different text displays. Everything ...

17. Icefaces integration problem

19. Integration ICEFfaces2.0b2 with OpenFaces

Dears I need to use ICEFaces2.0b2 OpenFaces3.0, but when I try to run the page the system displays amenagem below. The libraries for JSF 2.0 are compatible someday? Thank you! java.lang.NullPointerException at org.icefaces.impl.context.DOMResponseWriter.appendToCursor( at org.icefaces.impl.context.DOMResponseWriter.startElement( at org.openfaces.component.validation.ValidationSupportResponseWriter.startElement( at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.TextRenderer.getEndTextToRender( at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.HtmlBasicRenderer.encodeEnd( at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.encodeEnd( at javax.faces.component.UIComponent.encodeAll( at javax.faces.component.UIComponent.encodeAll( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableBody.createDataRows( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableBody.createScrollableRows( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableBody.createRows( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableBody.renderRows( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableSection.render( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.TableStructure.render( at org.openfaces.renderkit.table.AbstractTableRenderer.encodeBegin( ...

20. Struts 1 and ICEfaces integration?

21. iceface2 integration with rad7.5

Hi, I download ICEfaces-1.8.2-bin and import a couple of sample war files into RAD7.5.5 and they are running well within the targed runtime Webshpere Application Server v6.1. But none of sample app works from ICEfaces-2.0.1-bin. I guess it must be the version incompatibility, but can't figure out what exact was. I am very much appreciated if anybody can help. thanks!

22. Build Failed JSP Binary Integration

23. Unit/Integration testing of Ajax Application?

Hi all This is not related to ICEFaces specific, but I am seeking advise how to perform unit or automated integration testing of any Ajax application, especially application developed using ICEFaces, where DOM are updated dynamically? For example, how do you test: 1. When user select a state from a pulldown list, ensure the list at City pulldown is populated with ...

24. ICEFaces and maven integration

26. Integration with NB Visual Web Pack

27. JSF - IceFaces integration issue

I'm trying to integrate ice faces with existing JSF application and followed Developer's guide to do that. Simple jsf page which includes icefaces page was created and I used just-ice.jar instead of icefaces.jar library. test test webboxTree.jspx is a simple iceface page containing single tree component and ...

28. Integration with TinyMCE

I have a simple demo application that has a panelTabSet and one of the tabs has the TinyMCE editor integrated into it. All works fine except that when I click on the tabs and return to the tab with the TinyMCE editor it does not render or initialize correctly and my editor "disappears". The same holds true if I interact with ...

29. IDE Tool Integration Bundles

30. Problem with JSF Integration

31. Using Struts Faces Integration Library

Hi I have an existing application in struts and i want to add JSF / Icefaces to it, i have learnt this as in JSF can be done by using the Struts-Faces Integration Library. Can i use icefaces with my application then too, also my application uses Tiles so does Icefaces components support that as well. Or should I use only ...

32. JBoss 4.2.0GA Integration

34. update of ice myeclipse integration.

35. Mapbuilder Integration

36. eclipse integration

37. netbeans 5.5 + icefaces 1.6.1 + integration + blank page as effect

Hello I'm newbie with ICEFaces I downloaded netbeans 5.5. Integrated it with ICEFaces. Make new project, added component library, enable ICEFaces, added random ICEFaces component to page, and run on server. Build was successful but server logged: Code: 2007-09-26 10:49:54 org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log INFO: Marking servlet uploadServlet as unavailable 2007-09-26 10:49:54 org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log SEVERE: Error loading WebappClassLoader delegate: false repositories: /WEB-INF/classes/ ----------> ...

38. Icefaces- seam integration

40. Icefaces integration

44. BEA Workshop Integration error?

45. Dojo toolkit and ICEFaces integration

47. Iceface integration problem

48. Integration with J2EE based Server