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1. Setting floating point formatting locale for JSF / ICEfaces?

I am writing a JSF (ICEfaces) application using resource bundles to handle internationalisation. The application nicely applies the (default) Dutch "nl" locale for the resource bundle but fails to apply the same ...

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6. i18n in schedule component

Hello, I am trying to find out how to do internationalization in the schedule component. Looking in the showcase, selecting a language translates the schedule component but I don't seem to find how this is configured. (some bean properties?) Also I was wondering if it is possible to set the hours shown in 24h-mode. So not 7am & 8am, 7pm & ...

7. i18n in schedule component

8. i18N Locale change bug?

Hi, I think this is a Iceface bug with locale change. Attached is my simple app for you to reproduce the error. What we have is a simple app with locale support for other language -- in this case we are supporting Chinese -- and we created the messages properties files accordingly. The problem start when we change our browser language ...

9. I18n and ICEFaces

Hi, I have a very small application in which I can switch between french and english. This worked well until I add IceFaces to my project. when I click on english or frenche, my methode : SessionBean.setLanguage is asked and I perform the folowing : FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().setLocale(locale); But nothing change in my page on the browser ! Does someone have an idea ...

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