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I simply need to perform a very basic for cycle in JSF/ICEFaces, basically rendering column numbers Something like the following pseudo-code

for(int i=0; i<max; i++)
the <c:forEach tag iterates over collections, ...

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i created a new project using new ->dynamic web project->icefaces project ... then i created a new .jspx page and configured my web.xml and faces-config.xml file but when i run the project there is an error in the although i put the libraries of jsf.. i do not know why he inject the component and any other component also ...

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Has anyone dealt with several ice:dataExporter's in the same application on different dataTables? One works fine for me, and the other doesn't get past the create stage--you can not download. They are in separate .jspx's, the 2 dataExporters are in the request scope (I've tried one managed bean and two managed beans). I am using the DataExporter from the application showcase. ...

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Hi there, Anyone know why icefaces has decided not to use the jspx extention anymore. Basically my questions stems from an application developed in 1.8.2 and now we are looking to migrate to 2.0. However all our pages have been developed in jspx. Does this mean that we have to change all extensions in the application or is there a way ...

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I am having problems generating a simple jspx page. This is the page save as testIFaces.jspx ICEfaces Address Demo