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1. JSF render response triggered twice?

I have a jsf (1.2) page that's called with a <h:outputlink>. In the bean of the page, I have a method that is triggered before the render response phase, with a custom ...

4. Partial submit sets required fields to false but does not set it back to true after lifecycle

Hello Ken. It's okay now. I was able to solve my problem by manually setting the required fields to true after the partial submit of as shown below: inputText = (UIInput) uiViewRoot.findComponent("backingBean:inputTextName"); inputText.setRequired(true); I'm not sure if this is the normal way of solving it but it does the trick. Thanks!

5. Getting could not find Factory: javax.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleFactory

I know that this thread is kind of old but as it's the first we get on googling this issue... alexandre1980 is right but some little explanation would have saved me some time though. So in case some of you get into this same issue : First, take note that there can be more than one servlet in the application. That ...

6. validator lifecycle

7. Application LifeCycle

I make a page with a list of entries I put on my bean the "rowSelectionListener" and when I select a row from table, I set a value of another bean attribute that I used on a ice:inputText The problem is that I cannot see the value on the ice:inputText. For this problem, I put a Application LifeCycle Tracker ad obtained ...

8. Lifecycle

9. JSF Lifecycle - URL Question

Assuming I have an IceFaces servlet configured thusly: Faces Servlet *.jsf /icefaces/* when i enter a url, into the browser, JSF processes the request and finds the corresponding xhtml file for example: hxxp://localhost:8080/myApp/xhtml/welcome.jsf would return the file ./WebContent/xhtml/welcome.xhtml If I have the following in the faces-config.xml file, why doesnt it return the home page? Must it be a form ...

10. Request bean lifecycle

11. Failed to execute JSP lifecycle

12. Lifecycle events are not fired consistently when using Icefaces

When using Icefaces, the lifecycle events such as init(), destroy(), prerender(), preprocess() are not consistently called on request-scoped beans that come with Netbeans (e.g. inherited from AbstractPageBean). I attach two identical projects with and without Icefaces that demonstrate the problem. The project contains two pages - Page1 contains a button that takes user to Page2 and Page2 has a button that ...

13. Lifecycle phases strangeness

Hi, I am experimenting with basic page navigation and I have found one strange thing: Environment: Eclipse 3.3, Tomcat 6, IceFaces 1.6.2 I have basic "welcome" page with two s each leading to a different simple page. I have correctly set up th enavigation rules in the faces-config.xml and defined my own .css file to provide some basic page layout (colors, ...

15. JSF Lifecycle Customizations

16. Failed to execute JSP lifecycle