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hI. I have defined 2 languages, english and spanish. Spanish is default. If I show something in spanish, then I switch to english and later I close the browser, when I open a new browser is supossed spanish is the default language, but it still working in english. I fix this (in develop mode) restarting my eclipse. I open again a ...

3. ice:loadBundle + Facelets    icefaces.org

I have a web app, with a main-template.xhtml that includes an "ice:loadBundle" tag. I also have a main-client.xhtml which uses the template. For some reason, I can't use the loaded resource in any of my 'ui:include'd pages. Even weirder...if I reference the loaded resource in main-client.xhtml it works fine, THEN it also works fine in the included pages. Once I clear ...

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