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1. icefaces 2 beta 1: binding selectmanycheckbox to map raises conversion error

if i want to bind the value-attribute of a h:selectmanycheckbox to a map, with the ri of the jsf 2.0.3 i would do something like the following the bean:

private Map<String, String[]> values ...

2. selectOneRadio, backing beans and mapping (ICEfaces)

Hi I need to have a table with 3 radio buttons. And I need to store the value of the radio button selected on a mapping. This is the code:

getValue() { return currentValues; } public void setValue(List value) { for (Object obj: value) System.out.println("list = " + ...

5. [probably bug] Mapping (on DataTable) with Sybase DB in NetBeans

Hello All! I connect my NetBeans 6.5 with Sybase Db throught Jdbc driver 5.5 (using Service wizard in IDE), and after connect I view some tables from my DB. After darag-n-drop this table on DataTable component in Visual Designer, instead of view modified DataTable (according to table in DB), I view nothing. I.e. DataTable disappear form designer. In JSP:

6. url-mapping and aliases

hi, in advance i will say that these question will be very stupid but i dont know really how its going in icefaces. i used spring mvc and jsp together there wasn't a problem with the mapping. Now in icefaces the are several mapping styles and i dont understand what to do. here is one short event: i have three sites: ...

9. Component rendering a Html image map

11. Image maps of graphicImage

12. A custom component for OpenLayers map

Hi ICEfaces gurus, I am trying to implement a component that renders an OpenLayers map, whose js API is very similar to that of Google Map. My approach is straightforward: instead of writing the js on the page, I create a JSF component extending UIOutput and in the encode method render the js. It seems to work in a traditional JSF ...

13. Map googlemap

14. UI Component Map<>

I need to determine all of the UI Components, explicitly form elements on a page. I cannot find a Map<> of UIComponents through the facescontext as I thought I might, similar to the getRequestParameters method. Is there such an animal, or is there a way to build such an animal? thanks all

15. How to get the {}-values of *Maps

16. ICEfaces 1.8.3 exists in JIRA, but not on road map.

Hi, You are correct in that 1.8.3 exists in JIRA, but is not on the release roadmap. The reason for this is that there have been numerous changes and fixes made since 1.8.2 released (mostly for customers with support subscriptions or to resolve platform specific issues between ICEfaces 1.8.2 and ICEfaces EE 1.8.2.GA) and we required a fix version to track ...

17. how to mapping the composite key?

18. image map

Hello: Can somebody please help me with this situation? I have a page with a combo, using ice:selectOneMenu, and i have events asociated with changes of the selected items (value="#redcosun.idItemSelected}" and valueChangeListener="#{redcosun.valueChangeListener}"), this is working great. My problem is in this page i also have an image and i want to click in some areas of this image and have the ...

20. Can we use Map in IceTable

23. A Small Issue With Mappings


27. Iterate over Map

32. Need help mapping HtmlSelectManyCheckbox to managed property

Hi, I'm working on a dynamic web page wich is going to show a questionare obtained from dabase records. I have managed to show alphabetic and numeric questions, and also HtmlSelectOneRadio options. However, I can't get HtmlSelectManyCheckbox to work while catching its selected values. This is my code: HtmlSelectManyCheckbox preguntaSeleccionMultiple = new HtmlSelectManyCheckbox(); UISelectItems uiSelectItems = new UISelectItems(); List selectItems = ...