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1. icefaces menupopup strange problem

I have this piece of code:

<ice:panelGroup menuPopup="menuPopup1" onclick="fireContextMenu(this, event);">
        <img src="/resources/images/external/bg-suppliers.gif"> </img>
it renders this HTML as output (as expected):
 <div ...

2. menupopup event listener not get called?

I'm using ice:menuPopup to create menus on tree nodes. In jspx page I've something like this

<ice:tree id="tree" value="#{tree.model}" var="item" imageDir="./xmlhttp/css/xp

3. Issue using Rowselector, menupopup, and draggable panel

Inside of a draggable panel I have a datatable with a rowselector, and a menuPopup defined for each row (accomplished by defining the menu in one column tag, then referencing it from the other columns). I'm trying to accomplish some windows explorer like behaviour where the user can select multiple items from the table, and drag and drop the selection into ...

4. menuPopup and panelTabSet

5. menuPopup within relatively positioned elemented

I don't understand how to correctly position a menuPopup component when it is nested within one or more parent components that have the CSS property "position: relative;" When the menuPopup resides within such elements, it is offset from the mouse pointer - it appears lower and further to the right than the pointer. Is there anything I can do to ensure ...

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12. Change menuPopup style and behavior.

13. How to fit text into menuPopup

16. MenuPopup is not visible in IE

17. MenuPopup is not visible in IE

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21. why ice:menuPopup can't be dynamic?

22. Menupopup not geting closed

23. menuPopup Issue with rowSelector

Hi, I have a table which has a rowSelector (without a selectionListener) and a menuPopup for a row. When i use the menuPop up with the theme 'rime' which comes in icefaces 1.7, the text inside the menuPop is not shown properly. This issue does not come when the 'xp' theme is used. What could be the problem I'm facing here? ...

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28. Problem with the actionListeners of a dynamic menuPopup in dataTable rows

We are using icefaces 1.7.1 with Jboss 4.2.2GA and Tomcat 6. We are trying to create a dynamic menuPopup so that a context menu is displayed when the user right clicks on a row of a dataTable. However, we are having problems with the menu item`s actionListeners. As shown in the attached example of code, we built the menuPopup model (which ...