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1. How to center a ice:confirmationPanel within a modal ice:panelPopup (ICEfaces)?

If a (modal) ice:confirmationPanel within a modal ice:panelPopup is used, the confirmationPanel will not be centered; instead it seems to be centered relative to the panelPopups upper left edge. This seems to ...

2. Modal panel popup displayed twice

Hello, I'm new with icefaces and started to use it recently. I need to have a modal popup dialog. I used the advanced popup tutorial, with the exception that I used modal="true". My problem is that the popup is displayed twice! Except that it is running ok. Could somebody help please? Code follows Cheers Gilles

3. Show modal popup window during long lasting action

Hello, I have to implement such a behavior. When user clicks "search" button it disables till search is not finished. The goal is to prevent user from clicking more than one time on the search button until the previous searching (which may take a long time - even 90 seconds) has not finished. How to do this in ICEFaces? But my ...

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9. Generic Confirm Modal Popup

11. Modal Popup issue persisting in 1.8.1 also

Hi All, We are using IceFaces 1.8.1 The issue that the Horizontal and vertical scrollbars will appear when a popup is displayed was told to have been fixed. But it persists for me. Is there any additional settings required/configured in XML files in order to make it work. Or do we have to put any specific Jars required. I am using ...

12. Modal Type Window

13. Closing Modal Popup

15. Modal window on tree

16. Since update to 1.8.2: Some modal popups not modal anymore

.icePnlPop { border-width: 3px !important; border-style: outset !important; } .icePnlPop > table { width: 100%; } /** HOTFIX for 1.8.2 - wich renders two TDs in the header - second should be 0px wide **/ .icePnlPop > table > tbody > tr > td + td { width: 0px; } .icePnlPopBody { padding: 10px; } .icePnlPopHdr { background-color:#a1bdeb; background-image:url(../img/gradient_transparent_white_30.png); height:22px; line-height:22px; ...

17. modal panel backgroud issue

20. Unable to hide two modal elements properly.

Hello, In an .xhtml page I have a button that, when clicked, makes a popup visible asking the user a Yes/No question. Both answers should hide the popup and open another one (both popups have modal=true). When this second popup is closed, both popups have disappeared from the screen, but the "grey curtain" remains on the screen, and the page is ...

21. Modal Popup Allows Tab Selection

22. Howto show a modal popup panel while java code is working

Hello, i just want to try to show a modal popup panel with some status bars while the java code is working. My Webapplication is developing some projects what takes about 2 minutes. I just tried to load the Popups with the visible and rendered attributes like in the example. But it seems, that your demo page has the same problem: ...

25. overlay remains at nested modal popupPanels

Popup One Header This is the popup body text 1 Popup Two Header ...

26. Flipping between modal bug?

I ran into an odd problem when closing a modal and opening another one in the same step. I'll end up with a left behind modal iframe of the one that was closed. This is ICEFaces 1.8.2 on Glassfish 2.1 and facelets. Here's the code that demonstrates the problem. Just try flipping back and forth and you'll see the background gets ...

29. Call modal through javascript?

30. PanelPopup positioning problem with clientOnly="true" and modal="false"

Hi, There seems to be a problem with the positioning of panel popups when the popup is not modal and we specify clientOnly="true". I can drag the popup only once. After that if I close and open the popup, it will open at the bottom of the page instead of the previous location. It works fine, if I remove clientOnly="true" or ...

31. modal panelpopup

hello i have this jsp:

32. Modal popup wrong position

33. Modal panel question

34. Modal popup

36. Modal popup window

Using IE6, JSC2-1, CE1.5.2 When I use a panelPopup component in 'Modal' mode, I see the following behavior: 1) Panel displays and rest of screen greys and is inactive. 2) Option on panel is selected and panel drops. 3) Main screen is still greyed and inactive. This was a problem in 1.0 and 1.1 as well. I thought it had made ...

38. modal panelPopup and selectInputDate

39. Error using Modal pop up !!

41. display modal popup

42. Problems with modal panelPopup

43. Implementing multiple non-modal popups

Maybe it's the weekend and I'm not thinking coherently. But what is the best way to implement a window that has multiple non-modal popups (in which the popups are somewhat related - i.e. each popup represents an object in a collection)? Should I nest a panelPopup component inside a datatable component? Or can this be done via Facelets using something like ...

44. Modal waiting popup

Is there a way to show a modal popup dialog while waiting for a long-running action? The action result is always supposed to be a different page so the expected result is: users click the button; the dialog is shown while a thread is running; once the thread has finished, the dialog automatically closes and the new page is displayed. Thanks. ...

45. Calander popup issue from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1 when in a modal popup

Hi, I have a calandar (popup) component in a popup panel which is modal. This all worked fine in 1.6.0, however in 1.6.1 when i click the icon for the calandar to popup the whole screen is then disabled unitil i press F5. Does anyone else get this or know a work arround for this? Thanks for your help Craig

46. Multiple modal popups

47. customizing modal popup

48. Closing and opening modal popups at the same time

When I close one modal popup and open another one in the same request, one popup isn't correctly displayed (Which one depends on the order in the jsp-file). I extended the component-showcase to show two modal popups, and add a button to switch to the other one. I only modified \web\inc\layoutPanels\panelPopup.jspx src\com\icesoft\icefaces\samples\showcase\layoutPanels\

49. resizing modal panel

50. Modal popups and required fields

52. Displaying Connection Status on the modal popup

Hi EB, I am working on a application which takes time to process data on the server side. I am using OutputConnectionStatus component to show the connection status with the sever. But the problem is that the User of the application can still click on other components of the application , which causes unexpected behavior. So I want to display a ...

53. < ice:popup modal=true> when closing, the page remains uneditable

When using a < ice:popup modal="true" rendered="#{backingBean.renderPopup}"> it displays the popup like it should when #{backingBean.renderPopup} return true (with an uneditable page in the background) BUT when closing the popup by setting #{backingBean.renderPopup} to false, the popup dissapears BUT the screen remains uneditable. I am aware that the component-showcase contains a working version but I think that when using facelets, this ...

54. Modal Popup Positioning

I have a modal popup (panelPopup) that I use to display feedback to the user (save confirmation etc). I have this popup panel defined in a file called messageBox.jsp. I include this on the main jsp page for my application with a simple jsp include tag: My panelPopup is set visible by the method that sets the actual ...

55. Modal Popup Window disabled

Just like the visible attribute binding do same with render attribute LIKE THIS then tell me. Is this working properly or not

56. Form-elements freezes out when a modal popup is closed

Hello friends, Form-elements freezes out when we open a modal popup window(panelPopup modal="true") and then close it. The usage of a modal popup makes the text-areas and text-fields of the form un-typable. We cannot type in these. If we do not use the modal popup, the form elements work properly. Any idea what is causing the problem ? Thanks in advance ...

60. Modal panelPopup on top of another modal panelPopup

We need to display a modal panelPopup on top of another modal panelPopup. It works fine until we close the second popup - the "Ice Modal Frame" iframe is removed even though we still have the first modal popup opened. If the second popup is not modal, then it is disdplayed behind the first popup. Is there a way to have ...

62. Modal panelPopup positioning

I know this is a really, really small thing, but what would be a good way to centrally position the modal popup? It would look really nice (and professional) if it were horizontally and vertically positioned relative to the web browser window. Using CSS, one could probably position it horizontally rather easily. However, CSS does not provide (or at least easily) ...