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1. us sbt for generate a webapp with icefaces

I'm new to sbt and I will generate a web application with jsf 2.0 mojarra and icefaces, but i don't know how to build the build.sbt. I try things like this:

libraryDependencies ...

2. Mixing jsf and html tags when using Mojarra 2.1.3 in panelGrids

I'm using ice:panelGrid (from IceFaces) to layout my page. The following worked perfectly in IceFace 1.8.2 and MyFaces:

<ice:panelGrid columns="2" width="50%">
        <ice:commandButton action="#{myBean.removeSelected }" value="Remove ...

3. ActionListener is called multiple times (Bug?) - Mojarra 2.1.3

I have the following button:

     value="Search" />
When I ...

6. IceFaces 2.0 on Mojarra 2.0.1 issues

I am trying to integrate ICEFaces in my Mojarra 2.0.1 facelets application in order to have a better performance in rendering the DOM tree after ajax request. I followed the following steps: 1) Added the icefaces.jar to my war 2) Added the ...mypage Now I am getting after a click on one h:commandButton a 404 error on this "send-updated-views-icefaces.jsf" page ...