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1. icefaces error page not navigating to other pages

I'm working with Icefaces 1.8.2 and have created a custom error page. When I get to my error page (a jspx page built using facelets), I can't get out. ...

2. IceFaces 2 - navigation rule sometimes does not apply

I have a little IceFaces project. Opening the base url localhost:8080/myContextPath opens a file called index.jsp with the following content:

  <head> </head>
    <jsp:forward page="faces/search.xhtml" />

3. Navigation problem in 1.7.1

rajeshsingh1979 Joined: 08/09/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 1 Offline Hi, I have a login page. Everything is fine there but when i pass the successful credentials and want to open the next page the following log is printed. Asynchronous HTTP Service available: false GlassFish ARP available: true Jetty ARP available: false Adapting to GlassFish ARP environment Error in OutputStyleRenderer java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: path cannot be ...

4. Navigation does not work

Hi michelle2, thanks a lot, I'm very interested in your examples. I've solved the problem with navigation, it was very stupid: My JBoss gave me an exception (expected only one url-pattern tag), so I removed all url-pattern-Tags except of *.jsp and *.iface, I thought it will be OK, because I don't use any other extensions. Adding /xmlhttp/* in a seperate servlet-mapping ...

5. Dynamic Navigation Rules

7. navigation-case

8. Navigation problem: with icefaces1.7.2/JSF1.2 and Spring2.5.5

I am using icefaces 1.7.2-SP1 with jsf1.2 and Jboss 4.2.3.GA. The jboss implementation is as shipped with Jboss 4.2.3.GA (which is 1.2_09-b01-BETA1) and Spring 2.5 (IOC from spring but no spring webflow.) I have two pages that are similar and render two graphs using icefaces and also show a table of data from database. The pages render OK, however the navigation ...

9. navigation problem

10. page navigation issue

11. Icefaces+faces-config.xml Navigation?

12. Ice faces navigation

13. Using doView for Navigation

14. IceFaces and navigation

17. SWF 2 navigation

We earlier posted code for our selectList component which can navigate spring webflow 2 flows from an iphone. We've now come up with a way to do this without overriding spring classes like in the above example. The PhaseListener works with both our navigation components SelectList and listviewTabSet AND Regular PanelTabSets, for iphone you still want to use selectList , but ...

18. Navigation "stuck" after successful form submission

Hello, I am new to JSF and ICEFaces and have been working my way through some of the showcase examples. Using the base configuration (web.xml, faces-config.xml) that come with the autocomplete example, I have prototyped a form for my application, created a backing bean and added the navigation rules to the faces-config.xml file. When I submit the form, the appropriate action ...

19. Navigation with parameters passing

21. Navigation not working in NetWeaver7.0

Hi, Hi have build application using icefaces1.8 which run on tomcat5.5 but when i deployed same application on Netweaver navigation of pages are not working. like i have some buttons ,treeNodes which navigate to different pages. when i clicked on TreeNode or buttons nuthing is happeing. What do i do to get it working it was working on Tomcat5.5. Is there ...

22. IceFaces navigation not working

23. need help on popup windows navigation

24. navigation not working

I tried to create a sample application as I am new to icefaces. I used rad 7.5.2 with Iceface plugin. I created all necessary config files I have a jspx page ICEfacesPage.jspx create by rad and I just included one command button ...

25. Navigation is not working

26. Funny navigation issue with facelets

Hello all, we are using facelets with ICEfaces and have the following rule in the faces-config file: /pages/login_login.xhtml success /pages/main.iface maxtries /pages/login_max.iface The weirdness is that the view on which the navigation should work is defined with .xhtml and the target with .iface If we do anything else it either just doesn't work or ...

27. Single Page vs Navigation in Web App usign Icefaces

I have a webapp which loads a single page that has jsp includes. This layout has worked well for us. However the back/forward browser buttons do not work in this case. We have another webapp which used navigation and the performance has been good on that too. I this case the browser back/forward buttons also work. I wanted to know which ...

28. SWF + Faelets Navigation

29. ice:tree, hide navigation icon on some node

hello, i work with icefaces from 1 mounth, and i love it. Now i have a little problem with tree component: i use tree for showing a folder tree (stored on repository), for each node i know if it is empty or not. when folder is empty, i need to show the related node on tree, without the navigation button. it ...

30. null pointer on action navigation

31. IceFaces 1.8.1 Facelets Navigation

32. Navigation Rule

33. navigation-rule & Liferay 5.2.3

35. Switching to concurrent DOM view corrupts navigation?

I have an application with 2 pages - a query page and a result page, and it's running as expected. Now I'd like to add the concurrent view feature to it and have tried the following: 1 - Change com.icesoft.faces.concurrentDOMViews to true and switch all necessary session-scoped beans to request scope. 2 - Change com.icesoft.faces.concurrentDOMViews to true and keep all beans' ...

36. Navigation between 2 or more pages

37. Page Navigation

39. Navigation and facelets

40. ICEfaces JSF Facelets: faces-config.xml file: navigation rule question?

I've decided to move forward with a ICEfaces JSF Facelets combination for my project. In my faces-config.xml file, when I specify a navigation rule, would I use a .xhtml extension or a .ifaces extension? This definiton: /guess.xhtml success /response.xhtml verses this definition: /guess.ifaces success /response.ifaces The timezone tutorial doesn't have an example. Thanks, ...

41. Navigation rules questions

42. icefaces navigation issue

I'm a newbie to JSF so please take it easy on me. I'm an experienced programmer with Struts, but this is a new small project I have to do (by myself of course) with JSF. I'm using ICEFaces 1.8, with JSF 1.2 and Java6 SDK. Tomcat 6 web container. I have Page1 that contains a data table, that lists master record ...

44. how to handle tree with navigation?

45. implicit navigation

46. Navigation notworking

47. Navigation not works

48. Facelets and navigation issue

I have a problem with the D2DNavigation Handler: Since we use facelets (xhtml instead of jsp), navigation rules haven't been working any more. Though I get the expected response to clicking the button (logger info message) no navigation is done. I've attached the example as a text file, too. Example: The facelets are stored in /DOCROOT/facelets First page: http://localhost:8080/tseditor/DOCROOT/facelets/test1.iface ************** ...

49. Question on Navigation

Hello, I am having an issue with a command button to invoke navigation. This is my button which is inside an ice:form. This is the navigation rule in the faces-config: * maintain /userMaintain.iface For some reason this does not go anywhere. Any ideas? The action listener is used to prepare ...

50. Navigation problem... again!

51. Form Navigation problem

We have just started exploring icefaces and face a dificulty with basic form navigation. We have created a simple form which goes to next jspx page. We have created following jspx page: Tecknosoft: Template Application

52. Page Navigation Issues

I'm just starting out with JSF/Facelets and ICEfaces and have hit a snag. I imagine this is a typical use case but I haven't found any info on the forums that has helped to solve my problem. The scenario is a typical search where one page has a search form and another displays search results. I am able to search and ...

53. navigation-rule do not work

Hello. The problem is that it does not forward to the second page "Listavailabilityidx.jsp" In the logs of tomcat there is nothing. please, can you help me??? I have this face-config en de com.icesoft.faces.facelets.D2DFaceletViewHandler Backing bean for tabset example. tabset ...

54. Web App Navigation

55. navigation rule don't work

Hello I am experience a problem with navigation. I have the following file structure: /pages/includes/boxes/catalog.jspx /pages/includes/boxes/configuration.jspx /pages/includes/column_left.jspx /pages/templates/admintemplate.jspx /pages/catalog.jspx /pages/configuration.jspx I am using the icefaces build of facelets, i am saying it for the protocol. So the facelets template is admintemplate.jspx. It is used in catalog.jspx and configuration.jspx. column_left.jspx includes all pages in boxes directory. Both catalog.jspx and configuration.jspx render as ...

56. Navigation

Hi, I'm using the uploadFile component, it works fine, when I click on the upload button, the file is well uploaded and we can see the progression of the upload. But we stay on the same page. What I'd like to have is: - I click on the upload button - the upload progression is displayed - when the upload is ...

58. Help needed in navigation

59. How ice faces handle page navigation

I am new to iceFaces. I have read tutorial posted on your website. But the tutorial does not mention how to handle page navigation at all. I looked at address demo. There are some navigation-rules defined there, but I am not able to understand the following rules: /response_ice.jspx return /address_ice.iface /address_ice.iface submit /response_ice.iface ...

60. No navigation-rule control

61. navigation rule doesn't work with iface

Hi I have added iface to my portal, but the navigation rule doesn't!!! Adding history.iface in to navigation-rule tag history/hystory /index.jsp listOk /history.iface is throw this exception : GRAVE: Servlet.service() for servlet Persistent Faces Servlet. Added the the following entry (.. in web.xml): javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX .jspx If I request a jsp, the server ...

63. Problem with navigation / "ugly" ice-extras.js

Hi, I'm migrating a simple application from Faclets using ICEfaces 1.6.1 (just-ice.jar). But I have serious problems to get the navigation to work. Regardless of what my configuration says, it always leads me to .xhtml when clicking a h:commandLink or h:commandButton within a h:form. My configuration is (only relevant parts posted): in web.xml but is there a possibility to define in the tag an id, parameter ...

89. component-showcase: Reset form in navigation event

Hello, In the sample application "component-showcase" with IceFaces 1.7.1, I want to reset the contents of ManagedBean so that when user click on each of the navigation links and he make changes are reset once the user returns to click on another link. For example, "Custom Components" -> "AutoComplete", if I write something in the "selectInputText" and then I click in ...

90. Problem with navigation

91. navigation bread-crump tree.

92. Why does my navigation not work?

93. Navigation between IceFaces page and JSF page

Hello, I have an app that is part straight JSF and part ICEFaces, and am using the just-ice.jar. I am trying to configure navigation between two pages and cannot seem to get it together. If I type the URL of the pages in separately, they both display fine. However, it is when I try to use faces-config navigation to go between ...

94. Navigation problem with icefaces

Javi -- Rank: New Member Posts: 21 Join Date: September 11, 2007 Recent Posts I have been developing an stand alone application with icefaces and now I want to convert it to a portlet in order to deploy inside liferay. There are some navigation rules which don't work in liferay and in the stand alone application they worked fine. I have ...

96. LifeRay IceFaces Navigation Problem