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3. IceInputText - OnFocus and OnBlur    icefaces.org

Hello. I've created a special Javascript Popup which should be displayed below an ice:inputText. This popup provides a view inputs to generate a special Date-Format. (dd:MM.yyyy hh:mm:ss,sss). This popup should be displayed as the ice:inputText gets focused and hide on blur. So I've added the two JS-Handlers as I've done in plain HTML: Code:

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Hi all, I'm trying to set the render for a component by when another component has focus. (In this case when a textinput gets focus, I want it to set the render property of a selectinputDate /Calendar to rendered) So I have created a boolean bean called calendarVisable. I have binded it to the rendered field of the calendar. How to ...

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I set an onblur and an onfocus Event handler on a selectInputDate field with the goal to change color of the field: function setBGColor (field) { var mycolor = '#F1F5DC'; if (field) { if (field.style) { field.style.backgroundColor=mycolor; } } } This ist called in When I look at the generated html code the onfocus handler ...