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<ice:outputMedia player="flash" source="... /ICEfaces_Flash.swf"
<f:param name="play" value="true"/>
<f:param name="menu" value="true"/>
Above Code plays the flash file but doesnt ...

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I am trying to play sequence of .wav files with the following code. My Problem is some times all files are playing at a time some times one after other. Simple ...

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Your right, I don't do much with Tiff so I forgot that couldn't handle it. Glad you came up with something. If you don't need tiff resolution you should consider converting the images to jpeg, you'll get better performance and compression ratio's. I do a lot of image processing here. Use "test" for both userid and password when prompted. You ...

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I have an player inside of an . When you drag the divider, it causes the player to be reloaded, interrupting playback of the media. I have tried adding partialSubmit to the panelDivider, but this does not seem to help. Any hints on whether it's possible to drag the divider without causing the player to reload? Thanks!


hello everybody i would like to know how to do for playing flv video within an icefaces outputmedia component in the same way that it is shown by the typical site that shows video with streaming and the slider bar for progress, does anybody know how to do it?, i had been trying but it just let me to run swf ...

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Further to this - quite strange - I discovered that whether it does a full page refresh or not depends on what type of media it's outputting. e.g. xhtml as follows: backing bean: public String getObject() { //return "/images/dragDrop/shopping-cart.png"; return "/mimics/simple.svg"; } If the image file is returned then subsequent pushes don't cause a full page refresh ...

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