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I've integrated the outputProgress example into my application and have confirmed that it works when embedded into an existing jspx in my application. In an attempt to fully integrate it into my application, I've come across a problem with accessing the session. When the form is submitted, I kick off several different threads to run in parallel, and return the user ...

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I pretty much took the outputProgress example and placed it into my application, with a ProgressBar class that my Bean class extends. I do have the outputProgress as being indeterminate="true" and value="#{rebuildBean.percent}". What I'm seeing is when I do the execute which starts my thread, internal to that run method, after I've done some processing and then do a Thread.sleep for ...

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Hi, I am trying to create a Determinate mode progress bar. I have found that my page is not rendering and state.render(); is throwing an exception. I found the following error on my console. [8/4/09 15:26:23:891 EDT] 00000029 PersistentFac W com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.PersistentFacesState warnIfSynchronous Running in 'synchronous mode'. The page updates were queued but not sent. [8/4/09 15:26:24:078 EDT] 00000029 MainSessionBo W com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.MainSessionBoundServlet$2 ...

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Hi dudes, Here is what I'd like to create. I am building a small-scale application with heavy database usage. Is it possible to make the output progress bar (in "indetermined" mode) appear WHILE one of the heaviest functions is doing its work? Cuz I've tried, but the current behaviour seems to be synchronous? Should I use threads? How can I get ...

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I have a problem with the outputProgress component using Internet explorer 7. I'm using this component in a table with an overflow ("lifts" or scrollable grid), when I move the lift the progressbar also moves. I think with the two pictures below you will understand what I want to say. thanks note : in firefox it works without any problem

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Hi, First excuse me for my bad English ... I think it's better to see already the two images attachments, to better understand what i want tio say. This bug happens only in IE. When we have a datatable which contains the ice: outputProgress component , if i moved the scroll bar, to see all the items, the problem happens. Thanks ...

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Hello All, I have an application where I have implemented some drag and drop behavior modeled from the component showcase's drag and drop example. Once the icon is dropped into the drop target a long server process is kicked off. I know I need it to be a indeterminate progress bar, but I'm not really sure how to handle the ...

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Hi, I use ice:outputProgress label to display progress and successive operation names. In 1.7.0 it looks ok, progress and label are changing properly. In 1.7.1 progress goes at once to eg. 83% and display '83%' not label what I have set in the bean. After page refresh I see 100%. Now, what it looks from a code perspective: After click button ...