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1. Data pager in icefaces not paging

I have been trying to populate data from a csv file in ice:datatable. I am trying to bind the datatable to a data paginator to display 10 rows on each page.But ...

4. How to make the Ice Datatable have horizontal scrolling and support pagination

Hi, I am working with ice faces for the first time and i have a requirement wherein there should be pagination on dataTable and also there should be horizontal scrollbar if the content length increases the column width provided... can i have this kind of feature thriugh CSS or through some tag in ICEfaces? Thanks, Nishant

5. Clearing selected rows when sorting/paging

I've setup my rowSelector to populate a list with the selected row's ID when a row is selected. I don't want any non-visible rows, however, to be considered 'selected', so if a user navigates away, sorts a column, or pages through the table, I want the list to be cleared. Bonus points if I can leave rows selected if they remain ...

6. Table - With check box, Expand/Collapse, Pagination

Hi, I have a requirement to display department and employee objects in a table. The table should list down all the departments each in one row. It should have the Select All,Deselect all Check box, so that all rows get selected. And there should be a expand/collapse button for each of the department row, so that on expanding it, employees of ...

7. Help with pagination

8. DataTable - Pagination and SelectAll

10. Problem with pagination and ice:selectManyCheckbox spread layout

Hy guys, I am facing a big problem, while using Seam pagination for a @DataModel. I am using an icefaces version 1.8.1 on Seam 2.2.0 with hibernate on jboss 4.2.4. What I try to implement, is a selectable list of "permissions" with pagination. The permissions should be assigned to a "role" by checking the specific list element. To make list elements ...

11. Datatable pagination best practice?

12. Problem using pagination

13. DataTable pagination not working

14. Request Scope pagination issue

We are facing an issue in using a backing bean in Request Scope. We are using

15. Actions not working with pagination (Icefaces 2.0)

Hi, We have a list screen in which we are displaying list of entities. Against each entity there are three options edit, view and delete. We are using

16. Iceface 2.0 pagination is not working well

Hello All, I have a problem to use the paginator's URLs (first previous 1 2 3 4 next last) to navigate to the different pages. The problem is: Once the first page displays on the screen, all looks good on the screen. I can click on the page number (e.g. 2) to go to next page or use next url to ...

17. IceFaces datatable with scrolling pagination

Hi, I am new to ICEFaces. Can anyone please suggest me how can I create a datatable with pagination on vertical scroll? How can I get to know when user has reached at the end of records currently loaded and call bean method to load next set of records? Please suggest. Thanks...

19. Expandable Table - how many levels can I go and what about pagination?

We are considering using ICEFaces switching over from ADF. We are interested in the Expandable table, but are curious as to how many levels it can expand to. Does it only expand once or can you keep expanding? Also, can you tie pagination to it as well? Also, is the pagination smart in that I do not need to load the ...

20. Issue - TableRenderer asks for an extra row from data model, breaks paging data model

The class in question is com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.renderkit.TableRenderer, and, since there's no issue tracking in existence (for as much as I know), I report the issue here. In the encodeChildren() method, there's the following block of code: Code: int countOfRowsDisplayed = 0; // some more code not important here while (uiData.isRowAvailable()) { if ((numberOfRowsToDisplay > 0) && (countOfRowsDisplayed >= numberOfRowsToDisplay)) { break; } ...

21. panel series and paging

22. pagination in iceface

23. pagination in iceface

Hi all, I am trying to use pagination for showing data in JSF with iceface implemetation... Please give me a solution for showing the data using pagination, say a certain no. of data per page. Please provide a sample code too if possible... and also how to write bean for this. Thanks and Regards, Vishwanath

24. Datatable with server side pagination

25. Does Icefaces support Pagination in tree component?

There is a dataPaginator and it works quite well but unfortunately it is for dataTable only at this time. No paging in trees. I've seen this (in Netadvantage for JSF) and it is very nice in some use cases. It lets you paginate within a level of the tree which contains many nodes. I searched Jira and didn't find any other ...

26. Validation Errors Disable DataTable Pagination/Sort

I've got a form with a search panel at top where the user can enter search criteria and a data table at bottom where the user can page through the search results. If a user runs a valid search and gets results, then inputs valid data in one of the search boxes, the paginator and the column sort headers become unresponsive. ...

27. Can row selection be combined with pagination?

The component showcase shows these two features separately. And in principle, I may eventually want to combine these two with sorting too (but not yet). I need to know if I can combine them. And if so, will it be possible, if multiple rows can be selected, to allow the user to select different items on different pages of data within ...

28. edit table with paging problem

Dear All, My aim is to have an editable table, with paging and sorting. So, I test to sample program; dataPaginator.jspx by modifing the propertiy of table field from output to input. However, after my modification, the program fail to go to next page even I click the 'next page' icon. Note: Only I refresh the browser, the program can go ...

29. SortableHeader with Pagination