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1. two ice panel positined interacting

How do you constrain the elements of a PanelPositioned so they can only be dragged within the current panel? I have two vertical lists of different data types, one above the ...

2. two ice panel positined interacting

How do you constrain the elements of a PanelPositioned so they can only be dragged within the current panel? I have two vertical lists of different data types, one above the ...

3. JSF Datatable Edit Using Popup Panel

I am using JSF 1.1 with Icefaces 1.8.2 I have datatables which displays my database records.Currently when user wishes to insert or edit a record, edit button is clicked and edit ...

4. Ice Panel Popup

Hi, we have a little problem with ice panel popup. when the popup is shown (using IE 7) , a message about mixed content appears. I thought that the cause of the problem was the icefaces version, so we have downloaded the latest version (1.7.2) , but the problem persist. The popup is wrapped in a panelgroup, we have a facet ...

5. Panel group, panel layout help.

6. Inputtext, Panel Popup and Page

7. panel popup automatically closes

8. how to use panel series to create set of command links

Can I create a set of command links using panel series . I am trying to pass a vector to the panel series. (ex: which holds 1-5 integer values. I am trying to read the vector & for each integer , I would like to create a command link which should render to the given page) Please help me soon with ...

10. designing popup panels?

11. IE Error with the page with 2 popup panels

Hi We are using Icefaces version 1.7 in IE6.0. I have a page with ~7 fields 2 popup panels. Time to time I am getting 'a script on this page is causing internet explorer to run slowly....' error (attached error) and then I have to refresh screen. Anyone have an idea on how to fix that? Since the javascript was create ...

12. Help with panel Popup

13. Panel Popup Turtorial

14. About positioned panel component

I have 5 ice:panelCollapsible components in a page. I would like to let people order these components in the order that they wish. I think that can be used the ice:panelPositioned component to do this. Is it possible to use the ice:panelCollapsible inside ice:panelPositioned? I tried it but I had no success.

15. Resizable panel

16. Multiple popup panels on one page

cwhittl Joined: 02/03/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 11 Offline Right now I have 2 popupPanels on one page and when they are rendered they are on top of each other like I want but they are sharing the modal iframe so when you close the top one it removes the iframe... Am i doing this wrong or anyone got a fix? [code

18. ICEfaces 1.8.1 popup panel problem

Hi, I'm using a popup panel in a portlet residing in liferay portal. When using the popup panel in modal form, the scrollbars of the window suddenly start to grow continuously expanding the page and moving the dialog from it's original place. When I put the popup dialgo in non-modal mode the problem doesn't happen. The only problem then is that ...

19. Logout without expiry panel

20. Using popup panel to inform data fetching status, Please help!

Hi all, I'm writing an application in which data need to be fetched from a web service and thus the process usually takes several seconds to finish (even with the lazy loading technique described in the tutorial). So, I would like to inform the user that something is still going on by generating a modal popup panel right before the fetching ...

22. Panel confirmation appears and dissapears instantly.

Guys Have been using icefaces pretty extensively however Ive come across something that I just cant get to the bottom of. 1. I have a table 2. I have a column with a delete command button ( with delete icon ). 3. The commandbutton is linked to a confirm panel. 4. I also have row listener. 5. When I click on ...

23. nested popup panel

Popup One Header This is the popup body text 1 Popup Two Header This is another popup body text 2

27. Traduction panel Network

29. Only load table when user is on certain panel

Hey guys. I basically have a single page website that I am working on. I have 4 stacked panels. When the page loads all the data tables and trees get loaded from the database so the data is already loaded when the user switches panels. How would I change the page so that it only loads data according to whatever panel ...

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32. Panel Popup with sound effect

34. Validation in panel popup

35. panel popup effect doesn't show if i close the panel

public void closePanel(ActionEvent e) { String effectKey = (String) e.getComponent().getAttributes().get("effectKey");; if (effectKey != null) { /* EffectsController bean = (EffectsController) FacesUtils.getManagedBean(EffectsController.BeanName); bean.changeEffectAction(effectKey); */ // do a look up for the effect EffectsList.EffectWrapper effectWrapper = (EffectsList.EffectWrapper) effectsList.getEffects().get(effectKey); // if found we reset the effect to fire on the soon to occure // response. if (effectWrapper != null) { effectWrapper.getEffect().setFired(false); effectsList.setCurrentEffecWrapper(effectWrapper); } } ...

36. how to create dynamic panel?

37. Moveable panel popup with javascript

38. How to make a panel unscrollable?

Hi, I am using a PanelDivider component which loads components dynamically.The size of the components loaded may vary. If the dynamically loaded component(i am using datatable) size exceeds the panel Divider size scroll bars were displayed. Here i hve a doubt how to disable scroll bars. I want the table to be displayed upto the visable range. Thanks, Anand.

39. popup panel

40. ice:selectInputDate is not working in panel popup component

It doesn't work for me either... I'm new to the Java world, and am using a colleague's code... I've consulted with him, and he doesn't know where the issue is coming from either... Structure: I have a search page, which opens the user base page. If i move the selectInputDate to the base page, it works no problem! (ie: copy datatable ...

41. Effect on panel group not working...

42. A panel that allows disable

44. How to display horizontal panel series

Hello I am facing the following problem. I want to display same type of data in format 3x3. But it always display vertically: What am I doing wrong. Everytime I put some kind of panel in the panelSeries it stops displaing horizontally ...

45. Horizontal Panel Series

46. popup panel vertical align

47. Strange behavior with popup panel

Hello, i working on a project with the relase 1.5.3. there is the situation, I have an application, when I click on the "charge invoice" button, a modal popup panel appear to ask the user if he really want to do the transaction. If he clicks "no", the popup panel disappear and go back to the main screen. If he clicks ...

48. panel popup, serverside rendering...

49. Question about collapsable panels

Can I group collapsable panels so that only one in a given group can be expanded at a time? The panels in question all need to interact with controls on another panel, but the operations each panel in the group of panels are mutually exclusive: the data one shows in the common control ought not be shown at the same time ...

50. Popup Panel when closed won't remove grey background

I've followed the description in the component suite demo for the modal popup panel and it perfectly worked not until i made it reusable for some other components. The popup up panel disappears upon clicking close button but the grey background remains. All components behind the grey panel remain uninteractive because of the grey background. The grey background only disappears if ...

51. Panel Series Question

52. Panel position

53. popup panels with effects?

54. Panel popup freezes

Hi In my app I select row from ice table and press Edit button to updated data in it. The way it's accomplished is pop up modal panel used that include all data from that record, but a lot of time this panel freezes Here the xml code in jspx how I do this. It's become visible when I press Edit ...

55. auto close for popup panel

57. Posiotioned panel & data table

58. How render a panel with an effect?

59. Panel inside of another