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2. Include page in PanelBorder (newbie)

3. PanelBorder Layout

4. PanelBorder default CSS file

6. panelBorder

8. incorrect html content and panelBorder

Hello! This question about panelBorder and html content into one. For example if I have following panelBorder:

Product Model Type

after processing i have incorrect html such as

Product Model Type

Html tag

was processed incorrect. What is it?

11. Remove Spacing From ice:panelBorder

12. PanelBorder partial refresh

Hi, I have a PanelBorder component with a west facet and east facet. The east facet contains an iframe. There is a commandButton in the west facet which calls an action method on a backing bean. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the action method to refresh the entire east facet, including the contents of the iframe. ...

13. panelBorder (removing the border)

15. PanelBorder Width

Hello, How can i set the width of a panel border to just 100% of the inside elements? I tried panelborder width 100%, min/max-width 100%, i tried all ways but the panel (west) is larger then the contained elements, it's not auto adjusted. any ideas why i'm facing this problem ? thanks

16. Problem with panelBorder

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18. problem with panelBorder

I want to use the ice:panelBorder to do the structure of my page. But the followng does not work: nothing is rendered! ___________________ ____________________ Strangely,if you remove the second paneGrid, it's ok. Is this a bug? If no, could you explain me how to do? ...