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1. panelCollapsible

2. Ice:panelcollapsible + request

4. ice:panelCollapsible and css

Great question. I would like to know the answer to that too; plus some other showcase CSS questions.... Can someone explain the showcase's specific CSS structure better please? Which styles should be modified (e.g. wrapper css classes vs non-wrapper)? What is the pecking order of the CSS files when showcase loads?...What is the differences between showcase_layout.css, showcase_style.css, showcase_overrides.css??? How does the ...

5. dynamic panelCollapsible

6. PanelCollapsible acting wierd

8. Newbie problem with panelCollapsible

9. Multiple PanelCollapsible Component and their Relative Posisitions when State Changes

I've run the panelcollapsible demo in the showcase and have noted that the panels move relative to each other when any of them is opened or closed. When I attempt to do the same thing in my test application, the opened panels expand over the other panels instead of pushing them down. How does one accomplish the behavior that is exhibited ...

10. adding top link to ice:panelCollapsible

Hi everyone, I'm working on a large application powered by ICEFaces 1.7 (we are switching to 1.8) written in NetBeans IDE 6.5. I'm having problems adding a "to the top" link to ice:panelCollapsible. Let me exaple in more details: after user performs a search and selects data row a large number of with more details show up. As per requirements ...

11. PanelCollapsible input fields validation serious error

When you have input fields within a PanelCollapsible component, if the Panel is collapsed, when you invoke an action from a pushbutton or a command link in the same form, data validation is NOT DONE. Despite being collapsed, input fields within the component must be validated to avoid inconsistent data to be processed. Regards, Estuardo

13. panelCollapsible orientation

14. Delay of PanelCollapsible

15. ice:panelCollapsible with parameter

hello, i have following problem: I have a table filled with multiple panelcollapsible. If a panel gets expanded the pannelcollapsible fires an actionevent. solong..everything works. because i have multiple panels i need to submit also a parm at the same time the panel fires whenn getting expanded. But I only get a 0 submitted. Does anybody know what to do? my ...

16. Outline/border of PanelCollapsible

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to format different aspects of the PanelCollapsible, in particular the outline/border. It's visible when I use the Rime style, but not when I use the XP style. I am still learning as I go, so excuse me if this question seems straight forward, but how would I remove this? What styleclass would I ...

18. PanelCollapsible and autocomplete