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1. panelDivider and using print.css issue

i'm using a panelDivider and want to push just the left panel to the printer (it's a vertical divider) , in print preview and actual print i've gotten icePnlDvrFst -- showing up just fine -- and have set both icePnlDvrSpt and icePnlDvrSnd to display: none in the print.css -- here's the interesting part -- the icePnlDvrSpt and icePnlDvrSnd do not show ...

3. panelDivider and re rendering

Hi there to all. In my application i'm using a panel divider where the right panel includes several other components like outputText, calendars etc. Whenever i re size the divider all the components i mentioned before seems to re render, with a side effect to create a bunch of transactions to the database in order to fetch the "values" for all ...

7. Appear effect with panelDivider issue

Hi I'm using Appear effect during site loading to make it more modern, but I've noticed that under IE I there is some ineligible blinking effect (site rapidly appear, disappear and slowly appear again). To workaround this issue I've used visible="false" attribute on my main and this solved my problem and worked fine under all browser until I've used panelDivider. ...

8. panelDivider height

9. ice:panelDivider requires a form

10. resize panelCollapse in panelDivider

I am using a panelCollapse on one side of a panelDivider (orientation=vertical). If the user resizes that side of the panelDivider to be larger I want the width of the panelCollapse and the text field within the panelCollapse to automatically grow as well. Any suggestions on how to dynamically resize the panelCollapse? Is there a method that gets called when the ...

12. gMap in panelDivider

13. PanelDivider 2nd pane wraps below 1st on resize in Firefox

Hi, The second pane of the panelDivider is wrapping below the first pane whenever I click on the resize bar. When I release the mouse button (whether I've resized the panes or not) the second pane then jumps back up to the correct place. This seems to happen in Firefox, but works in IE 8 (both compatibility view and not), Google ...

15. ice PanelDivider on divider position change

Hi, There's no reply from Ice Soft.. they never replied to any of my questions anyway :( But they are Open Source, so you could look for your answers in the code after all.. I did so, and I arrived at something that works most of the time, but when it doesn't work I don't have any clue why! The idea ...

19. panelDivider - separate pages

Hi I have some issue with panelDivider. I have created panelDivider id="icePnlDvr" dividerPosition="2" orientation="horizontal" style="width: 100%; height:100%; with two and two other pages A.xhtml, B.xhtml. What i want is to show two different pages in first and second part . How can I do it ?? thanks

20. PanelDivider Issue

21. PanelDivider and ContextMenu

25. Problem with menuPopup within a panelDivider

Hi, I have a menuPopup within a datatable that is the second facet of a panelDivider. In IE 7 the menuPopup is not rendered properly: instead of being rendered at the location of the mouse click it is rendered with a big X and Y offset. Same thing for submenus.... This problem does seem to be on Firefox.... Is that a ...

26. Problem ice:panelDivider defined in percent for width.

<%@page contentType="text/html"%> <%@page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="h"%> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="f"%> <%@taglib uri="" prefix="ice"%> PanelDivider bug The pink block, at Left

27. problem with panelDivider

29. panelDivider Issue (100% height)