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1. [Question] ice:panelGroup (BUG?)

3. How to hide a PanelGroup permanently / SlideUp - SlideDown effect

Hi there to all. I would like to advice me, how i could permanently hide a panelGroup with a slideUp/slideDown effect. My application has three tabs. In the first one there is a form with fields, and a button at the far bottom, which if presses by the user, it should reveal a couple of more fields which are not mandatory. ...

6. Dynamic jspx include within a panelGroup

Hello everybody. I'm implementing an options ice:tree component within a panelborder, specifically in the west region. What i want to do is, when the user selects or clicks a leaf option, the event must show the selected tree leaf (a jspx page) in the center region inside another panelGroup. What is the better way to implement this? do i must use ...

7. Tree Component Dragable to panelGroup Dropable

Hello Community, i have a Problem with creating "Dragables" in Trees they should drop in panel Groups. I looked in Forums and found some Workarounds but it all got the same Problem. If i drop them to a Panel , all TreeNodes drops there. I want drag a single LeafNode into a panelGroup. How can I do this?

8. commandnbutton action not fired when inside a conditional rendered panelgroup

Hello, I am trying to build a list/view/edit form for a datatable. Each mode List, View or Edit is inside a different PanelGroup which is renderder based in a bean property. When the Edit PanelGroup is rendered, the commandButtons inside dont fire the action method. If i reset the render property of the PanelGroup to the default value (always visible), then ...

11. draggable panelGroup with dataTable

12. panelGroup within panelGrid

15. High memory size by using ice:panelGroup during performance testing

Hi, We have a screen which is using ice:collaspablePanel. We have a requirement to display the list using ice:collaspablePanel. The size of the list could be 200. The sub components within the ice:collaspablePanel uses ice:panelGroup and ice:PanelSeries. On load testing jmeter we found that ice:panelGroup uses the most memory of 15MB for 200 concurrent users. Please suggest a alternative approach to ...

16. onMouseOverEffect on Panelgroup

Hi again, Thanks to alex.m and his "onMouseOverEffect on Panelgroup" topic, I've found out the problem. The problem comes from the float notation in the generated javascript. My user locale is FRENCH so the float notation is with coma (ex: 1,0f), not with point like the US notation (ex: 1.0f). Javascript generated with FRENCH locale : "duration: 1,0" => javascript error ...

17. panelGroup component binding is not working

import com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlPanelGroup; public class menuBean { private Effect slideEffect; private String currentEffect; private HtmlPanelGroup mainPanel = null; public menuBean() { } public void setSlideEffect(Effect slideEffect) { this.slideEffect = slideEffect; } public Effect getSlideEffect() { return slideEffect; } public void setMainPanel(HtmlPanelGroup mainPanel) { this.mainPanel = mainPanel; } public HtmlPanelGroup getMainPanel() { return mainPanel; } }

19. PanelGroup, draggable

21. panelGroup: can I constrain the area and motion of a drag?

I want to be able to constrain the dragging of a panelGroup, somewhat like a slider component. In other words, if a user drags the mouse up and down, the component does not actually move up or down, but only responds to sideways motion. It would also be handy if I could prevent the component from being dragged out of a ...

24. panelGroup wrapped in tags?

25. text-align in (CSS)

27. Problem when using together selectInputDate(renderAsPopup=true) and panelGroup with an effect

We are using icefaces 1.7 with Jboss 4.2.2GA and Tomcat 6. We have in the same page a selectInputDate with renderAsPopup=true and a panelGroup with an effect which is bound to a backing bean (effect="#{bean.myEffect}"). This effect is used to show the panel (Appear Effect) and to hide it (Fade Effect) by clicking a commandButton that changes the value of the ...

29.  not working