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1. IceFaces: panelPopup autoCentre problem with IE

I'm having some problems with panelPopup and IE8. When I set autoCentre="true" and positionOnLoadOnly="true", I expect the popup to appear in the center of the view port and stay put there. ...

2. ice:panelPopup boundless

4. ice:panelPopup boundless

6. Dynamic panelPopup

I have a condition where i have to use panelPopup to upload files, so while uploading files if the uploaded files are of certain extension (say .jpg) i want the additional fields displayed on the popup to add more information and if the extension is not matched we do not want additional field to be displayed or alternatively if we match ...

7. white text in a datePanel in my panelPopup

Hi i got a panel popup with a inputSelectDate but the text and dates in the calendar appears in color white and i cant change. this is my code: Code:

12. [Problem] with panelPopup

13. How do I close panelpopup automatically

Hi, I have a panelpopup that includes an iframe to render another form. Once the user submits data I need to be able to close the popup automatically. Can any one please suggest me a way to do this? I am migrating an application from pure JSF RI 1.1 to Icefaces (1.7.1) with JSF RI 1.1. Thanks for your help, Hemanth ...

14. Extending PanelPopup Class

17. PanelPopup absolute positioning?

19. panelPopup on different page

20. panelPopup doesn't display

21. panelPopup problem again

Hi! I made a simple example: [code] public void button1_processAction(ActionEvent ae) throws InterruptedException{ panelPopup1Bean.setShowDraggablePanel(true); Thread.sleep(5000); } [/code] When I click a button the panelpopup should display and then the thread should wait 5 seconds but it works the other way around. I tried to but the thread sleep into the action method also but same result. How can I fix this ...

22. selectInputDate inside a panelPopup

23. panelPopup problem

25. close panelPopup and page reffresh

26. Some problems with the use of PanelPopup

My problem it's simple, i want to take a value in the PanelPopup and this value will send to the root page (root page where the PanelPopup operate), but when i want to continue the PanelPopup with modal style doesn't quit and my application stand freeze...... this is the sentence to use and quit my PanelPopup public void closePanelPopup(){ visible = ...

27. panelPopup issues

I am evaluating panelPopup, so far all the functionalities are ok. But there are two issues that are annoying. 1. Whenever I drag the popup, it sends request back to sever. 2. The performance of popup is not very good, it takes seconds to response a user action ( Such as button clicks ) Has anyone had the same experience? How ...

28. panelPopup question

29. panelPopup with inputText

30. ice:panelPopup - how to open it ?

31. panelPopup not auto-centering!

Hi. Simple question. I have a ice:panelPopup (and also an ice:panelConfirmation). Basically, I want it to autocentre when it pops up on the page. I have set this property to true. The thing is...I have limited my ice:form with a special width and height. I wish this popup to follow this setting as well. It does not. Here is a screen ...

32. Panelpopup

I use a simple panelpopup to prompt for a login. Using 1.7.2 I can tab from user id to password field and then hit enter to login. All works great. Now I've upgraded from to 1.8.1. When I use the tab key to go from user id field to password field, the cursor immediately jumps to the command button and skips ...

34. ice:panelPopup problem

It's working now. We moved the code from bean to controller.Previously when the user click the image button,action will invoke only bean. Now listner will invok the ,then the action in controller will execute. Now jspx Previous jspx. ...

35. Rendering issue with

In our application, we are using and we are facing the following issue. The execution time for value change events is getting increased propotionaly with the data to be displayed in the popup. We had tried to see the bottleneck and confirmed that the backing bean execution takes only '0 msecs' where as the overall rendering takes around 2 minutes. ...

36. panelPopup "Headline" doesn't fit the whole Popup

i updated to 1.8.2 right now now the panelPopup doesn't render as i want any more... please look at the attached picture.. with Firebug i can find the issue... the Table, which is rendered in the DIV, needs the following attribute: width="100%" then it renderes correctly any ideas for a work around? thanks in advance, lenaz

37. Panelpopup Closes but wont re-open

All, I am an ICEfaces newbie and am having trouble with the panelpopup. I have a panelpopup set to open on the click of a cmdbtn. the popup works great, and is tied to the backing bean thru the rendered property. the popup opens and closes without flaw, but if I click on the original button again that opened the popup ...

41. How to use a panelPopup for selection of input values?

I want to use an to assist users in entering a value in an field. The popup is made visible upon pressing an "Assist" , and hidden again upon making a selection from a list in the popup. But then I need to find a way to populate the field with the selected value, and immediately trigger a ...

42. panelpopup and effects

public class PopupWindow { private Boolean visible; private Object effectWindow; public PopupWindow() { visible = false; } public Boolean getVisible() { return visible; } public void setVisible(Boolean visible) { this.visible = visible; } public Object getEffectWindow() { return effectWindow; } public void setEffectWindow(Object effectWindow) { this.effectWindow = effectWindow; } [color=red]public void openPopup(){ effectWindow = new Appear(); //visible = true; } public ...

48. ice:PanelPopup as custom component in IE 6

Hi, i have built an upload component using the ice:popupPanel component with an inputFile component inside the ice:Panlepopup tags. This i have defined as a fecelet-tag and included the upload component in another Jspx file. This component is amost in the middle of my page. The issue is, when this component is rendered in the FF3+ or IE7+ the gray screen ...

49. panelPopup dosn't work in IE7

50. How to use panelPopup for nesting?

Hi, I have two panelPopup nesting in a page. The nesting one cant work correctly. Here is the simple code: ...

51. panelPopup overlay won't close

53. Resizable PanelPopup

54. panelPopup usage in a real life

hi guys! I have read the icefaces panelpopup example and it works great in my program. In my case, i would like to make a login popup. Inside every jspx i am checking a session variable. When it is false i want to put a popup login window. There is a little cheat in the Icefaces popup example: The popup page ...

56. auto close panelpopup

I 'm new in icefaces. i'm have problem trying to create a function which automatically popup a model panel and then after the processing will automatically close the model panel. Below is my xhtml partly ...

57. panelTootip inside panelPopup

When using panelTooltip inside the panelPopup the position of the former is not correct because the panelPopup is already absolute positioned. I've see similar topic without any solution. Quick overview of the tooltip_panelpopup.js gave me a working solution in case if someone interresed in it. Currently only for dynamic panelTooltip (the case i'm using) but it can be used with static ...

58. panelPopup autoCentre issue with IE8

59. Using facelets in a panelPopup

60. panelPopup hangs/crashes msie predictably

This looks like a bug but I'll ask of anyone knows about it first. I am using icefaces build 23274 from svn. When I have a modal panelPopup AND a datatable, it crashes MSIE every time. See the snippet below. This is very simply popup with a table, and a commandbutton that triggers the popup. But get this. If I move ...

62. ice:panelPopup performance

63. IE8 heavy memory leak with panelPopup in ICEfaces 2.0.0

While testing my ICEfaces 2 application I've regognized that after each modal popup open and close the memory of the IE increases by around 10 Mb! I did not have this problem with the ICEfaces version 1.8.2. Is this a known behaviour and is there a solution for this? I also deployed the ICEfaces 2 component-showcase war in my application server ...

64. Really strange panelPopup display in IE 6

We're using ICEFaces 2.0, JSF 2.0.3, and the client browser is some variant of IE 6. Take a look at the attached image, and you'll notice that display of the panelPopup displays some HTML source in the background of the window. When the panelPopup is hidden, the HTML source is hidden as well. Has anyone seen this behavior with IE 6? ...

65. Problem with Icefaces2, panelpopup and forms

I have an icefaces 1.8.2 application and I want to convert it to 2.0. But I have problems with forms. Then I have created a new application in order to test. I use facelets and the idea is: A header with a form. A content with a form A footer with a form and a panelpopup which shows error/info messages of ...

66. panelPopup doesn't work with selectInputDate (renderAsPopup=true)

Yes, that examples works for me too. However, I found the problem. I added a hidden field to the body facet of the panelPopup outside of the main panel grid. This was messing up the selectInputDate component. When I moved the hidden field inside the panel, it started working again. Thank for your help.

67. Problem with data in panelPopup

68. PanelPopup and IE issue

70. Multiple Panelpopup

71. display ice:panelPopup once clicked on button

Hi, I want to Display to the user an ice:panelPopup when he will click on a calculate button (because it will take a long time to be executed) and once this method finished the panelPopup will close. is this possible, and how to open the panelPopup and close it through my button Thanks,

72. panelPopup location and size

I am trying to learn JSF and IceFaces (after having developed STRUTS for a couple of years). To get familiar with the API I am trying to enhance the Tutorials that are provided by IceSoft. I am trying to create a panelPopup that is selected from a commandLink in a datatable. I have the popup opening and closing but I cannot ...

73. Panel to panelPopup communication

I am trying to develop a dataTable element that has a commandLink that will pull a record up in a popup panel where the user can modify the record. They can then close the window or select another row. I have gotten the popup to open on the first select but I get conversion errors on the fields as I tab ...

74. ice:panelPopup with timer

Hi Julio, Just could just start a thread and sleep for 10 seconds (although starting a lot of extra threads on the server can be a dangerous thing though). public void showPopup(){ new Thread(new PopupTimerThread()).start(); } private boolean popupVisible = false; //bind to your popup visible attribute w/ getter, setter class PopupTimerThread implements Runnable{ public void run(){ popupVisible = true; try{ ...

75. effect does not work with panelPopup

76. problem with panelPopup displaying using javascript

hi all. i am using panelPopup in my application. i am using the panelPopup as a contextMenu. panelPopup should be showen on the dataTable when ever user RightClicks on the tableRows. i am identifing the RightClick using javascript. now problem is how to show and hide the panelPopup using javascript. please any can help me in this. thanks.

77. Panelpopup and dragable

I am using icefaces 1.6.0dr2 with facelets and having a problem with panelPopup component when dragable=true is set. This is my code

78. panelPopup on the download page


81. How to display panelpopup in place for login on Session Expiration

Hi, When the user session expires our application prompts the user to reauthenticate by redirecting them to the login page. We currently are using the connectionLostRedirectURI for this purpose com.icesoft.faces.connectionLostRedirectURI 'login.iface' Is there a way in icefaces to display a panelpopup for authentication, so the user doesnt have to go to another page and come back? Thanks a lot, ...

82. panelPopup problem with IE7

84. PanelPopup dynamic body content

Hello I have something code in main template: And somewhere in this template client: in this cancelling works, but if i click ok i get an js error in the function icesubmit: iceSubmit(undefined, null, submit ) in icefaces-d2d.js (line 1934) case 2: the action will be executed no matter what you choose ...

92. ice:panelPopup madal="true" keeps fields uneditable even after popup is closed

Hi, I would like to report an issue about the modal popups like the title says. Once a modal popup appears on the screen, it keeps the other field uneditable like it should BUT when closing this popup, the fields appear to be editable but you cannot add characters. However delete characters is possible? I have attached a small working example ...

93. panelPopup displays old data

I have a panelPopup component with an inputText element bound to a backing bean (i.e., value="#{bean.wizard.selectedCar.make}"). The first time the popup displays, it correctly shows the make value. If I then dismiss the popup, create a new wizard object and set in a new selected car reference, and redisplay the popup, I see the previous car's make value. I am guessing ...

95. Help needed in link + panelPopup

96. panelPopup et effect

97. PanelPopup dynamic location

98. panelPopup display behaviour

99. panelPopup display behaviour

100. effect with ice:panelPopup