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1.  problem

2. Please Help! panelPopup is not working for me...

Hello, I'm really new on iceFaces and I'm trying to use it integrated with Spring/Hibernate Generic DAO. I followed the Getting Started Guide and the Developers Guide to configure web.xml, faces config but don't seam that I'm able to make a simple popup appear. Can you please help me? I'm working on that for the last 2 days and I don't ...

3. Problem with ice:tree, ice:panelPopup and ice:selectInputDate when used together

Hi all, I am having a problem when using ice:tree, ice:panelPopup and ice:selectInputDate on the same page. My jspx page is as follows: Code:

6. PanelPopup doesn't close

7. Effects not working with PanelPopup

8. ice:panelPopup oddities

hello! i'm evaluating the possibility to switch from rich faces (my current implementation) to ice ifaces. Currently i'm experiencing problems with the panelPopup component. Here is the list of the issues i noticed: a) setting both modal and draggable attributes to true seems to break the drag-ability of the panelPopup. I believe this is a known issue since even your demo ...

9. panelPopup and immediate flag

10. Using dataTable, rowSelectors together with a panelPopup

Hi Everybody, I have the following problem: I am using a panelPopup to display some data, including a dataTable together with a rowSelector. Some of the entries in the dataTable are selected by default, means: When I open the panelPopup, these lines are selected. Now I want to pass different Information to my panelPopup, open it a second time and select ...

11. creating dynamic PanelPopup

12. PanelPopup won't close