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eating up some space from panelTabSet. Did ...

1. Reset button does not work in IceFaces PanelTabSet

I have a panelTabSet from IceFaces in my .xhtml file into a form-tag.

    <ice:panelTabSet ....>
I also have a commandButton in the form-tag which looks like this:

2. PanelTabSet tab change in iceface

I have a PanelTabSet which has couple of tabs . I can change the tab on clicking on tab and it work all good. Now if I have selected tab 3 when ...

3. too many tabs panelTabSet

4. Nested form inside PanelTabSet

5. <ice:panelTabSet> navigation problem

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8. DataTable with RowSelector in a PanelTabSet

Hi, i have a datatable with rowselector in a paneltabset. After changing to the tab 'Associated Persons' I tried to select a row. But while selecting a row, the selected tab jumps back to the default tab 'Company Information'. jsf code: Code:

9. panelTabSet problem with icefaces 1.8

Hi, I have a problem with panelTabSet. If I put an inputText : inside a tab of the panelTabSet, when I switch to another tab and come back to the tab with the inputText the value the inputText is empty. I have reproduced this problem with the component showcase by adding this line in a tab of ...

10. How to get rid of empty table cell with class=''icePnlTbSetSpcr" in ice:panelTabSet

Hello, I would appreciate any advice regarding how to get rid of empty table cell with class=''icePnlTbSetSpcr" in ice:panelTabSet. If one checks panelTabSet structure in Firebug, one may notice that panelTabSet is converted into a table where

's corresponding to ice:panelTab have class=icePnlTb. But there is an extra evidently not empty

11. panelTabSet help.

hi all, i am using a ice:paneltabset component, as i knew, it need a form included at outside, for multiple tabs, i would like to use a backing bean to link a tab and display its components. it is possible for display but the backing bean can't get the submit value from input field onto each tab. how to archieve it? ...

13. prevent panelTabSet to switch between tab

Hi there ... I'm facing a problem with panelTabSet.... i need to check a boolean expression in javascript when the user click on the tab but before the component switch to this tab... if the expression return true the switch will be done else an alret message will appear to the user to warn him not to go out from the ...

15. PanelTabSet and NetBeans Visual Web

19. panelTabSet and setSelectedIndex

20. jsp:directive.include for paneltabset

23. Issue with immediate = true with PanelTabSet

Hi, we are facing problems by putting immediate="true" for ice:panelTabSet. our requirement is, we have 3 tabs, and the first tab contians the input details and the next 2 tabs contains some questions with YES or NO(radio buttons). we want to navigate to the next tab even if there were some validation issues in the first tab. so we have put ...

24. order in panelTabSet

26. Problem with panelTabSet Height

31. customizing ice:panelTabSet

I have a requirement where I need to put different left-padding values for tabs in a tabset. The first Tab needs to have a padding-left: 20px and the rest should have padding-left: 3px; I was able to get this using firebug by modifying adding this in style of the

of the tabs but am not able to figure out where ...

34. dynamic paneltabset with problems

35. facelets + panelTabSet

36. immediate attribute on panelTabSet

Hi guys i have a panelTabSet with two tabs, i set on panelTabSet the attribute "immediate" with value true, on the first tab i have a link that has to activate the second tab, but in this way does not switch on the second tab. How to resolve without attribute set on false the immediate attribute. Thank you very much.

37. panelTabSet Problem

38. "Duplicate component ID" when using panelTabSet with dynamic content (icefaces 2.0)

Hello, I've encountered another problem while migrating from 1.8.2 to 2.0 My application contains multiple tabs with a tree in each one that performs loading of pages when clicking on leaf nodes (dynamic content loading). Each page contains many components and some of them with "id" specified (I cannot just delete the "id"s, though it helps, because they are used in ...

39. panelTabSet is not displaying tabs properly with IE 7.0 & above

Sorry...After re-reading your post, I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that you were using ICEfaces2.0. Is this the case? Please specify which version of ICEfaces you are using. If 1.8.x, then you don't require the icefaces-compat jar. Whichever version you are using, please build and deploy the version of component-showcase in it's distribution bundle and review panelTabSet component.

40. panelTabSet - remove picture

42. Iterative panelTabSet

Hi, I have a list of objects with many properties and associations. I would like to use a tab for a property type, another tab for some association and so on. However, I would like to repeat the panelTabSet. I have tried with ui:repeat with panelTabSet inside it, without work. Can you please help me with a iterative panelTabSet? B.R Carl ...

44. panelTabSet styling problems

hi, I am trying to use 2 different styles of panelTabSets. The first one, i was able to style as described in the tutorial, by copying and modifying the css-file including the iceTabSet-classes. For the second one i tried to set the styleClass in my JSF file to an new one like "iceTabSetTwo". I added the classes "iceTabSetTwo", "iceTabSetTwoOn", "iceTabSetTwoOn .MiddleMiddle" ...

47. Different Tab Styles in a panelTabSet

48. PanelTabSet and required="true" Validation

Hello, the Composition of my ICE Elements is like this. .... .... In all my TABs i need the required="true" Attribute on special ice:inputText Elements. Now: If I set my ice:form to partialSubmit="false" the validation is applied to the Fields of ...

52. problem with panelTabSet

Tabset Component Tutorial

Basic Tabset Component

Click on a tab to change to it and enable viewing of the contents.


62. Programmatic PanelTabSet

Application app = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication(); HtmlPanelGrid grid = new HtmlPanelGrid(); grid.setColumns(1); grid.getChildren().clear(); //Main Grid to be Returned PanelTabSet test = new PanelTabSet(); test.setTabChangeListener(app.createMethodBinding("#{categoryManager.tabChange}", new Class[]{TabChangeEvent.class})); PanelTab tab1 = new PanelTab(); tab1.setLabel("First"); tab1.getChildren().add(ContentAccess.text("stuff1", "Here is One.", "")); test.getChildren().add(tab1); PanelTab tab2 = new PanelTab(); tab2.setLabel("Second"); tab2.getChildren().add(ContentAccess.text("stuff2", "Here is Two", "")); test.getChildren().add(tab2); grid.getChildren().add(test); grid.getChildren().add(ContentAccess.text("fdsafdsa", "Some Stuff", "")); return grid;

63. problem with panelTabSet

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74. (SOLVED) ice:panelTabSet and Facelets

75. PanelTabSet and validation

76. Help in paneltabset

Hi, I have 6 tabs, so when i chnge the tab i have written a tabchangelistener, so when i click that page it should forward to the other page. the tab change listener is as follows public void processTabChange(final TabChangeEvent e) throws AbortProcessingException { this.currentTab=e.getNewTabIndex(); switch(this.currentTab) { case TAB1:"in tab 1"); break; case TAB2:"in tab 2"); break; case TAB3: ...

77. Paneltabset + ui:include help

78. problem with panelTabSet

79. Wierd Problem using PanelTabSet with rendered=false

Hi, I have been running into an issue that I was troubleshooting today relating to using panelTabSets. The situation I had was that I had a generic input form that would generate the appropriate fields on the page, resulting in a simple edit screen. The relevant facelets code is below: Code:

81. multiple rows - panelTabSet

Hi, does anyone know, if there is any possibility to have multiple rows of tabs in panelTabSet ? Example: I have dynamically generated tabs and when there is too many of them, then panel tab is too wide and does not fit the page. So my idea is, that tabs should fit width of the page and divide to more rows. ...

82. Dipaly problem in panelTabSet

I have a display problem in the label of the panelTabSet. The icon and the label text are stick like that : look at the attchement. her is my code : Code:

83. navigation between panelTabset

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86. PanelTabSet performance issue

88. panelTabSet refreshes content