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I get an exception when rendering this page that looks like: ...

1. paneltooltip in a dataTable cell

2. Ice:panelToolTip with forms

I'm running into a bit of an issue with the panelToolTip. I'm hoping there's a way around this before I have to go and do semi-major refactoring. When I put a panelToolTip in my div which is position:absolute; or position:relative;, it goes wonky. I looked it up and found that this is a problem, so I pulled it into its own ...

3. PanelToolTip inside Relative Div

As it stood, reworking the CSS so that it was outside of the position:relative div ended up vastly simplifying the existing layout anyway, so I'll call it a blessing in disguise. Incidentally, if you have a developer who is very literal, giving him printouts of layouts made on word is not a good idea.

4. panelToolTip hidden by browser edge

5. problems with panelToolTip & drag n' drop on a tree in a panelDivider

I have not tested other combinations of containers with scrollbars, but I have 2 separate issues here. In my page I have 2 panelDividers: one horizontal, one vertical. The top panel holds the 2nd panelDivider, the bottom panel holds a message pane. The "top left" panel, as it were, holds a tree and the "top right" holds the main page content. ...

7. panelTooltip in a loop?

8. ice:panelTooltip problems

I am having problems using the ice:panelTooltip component. I am using Icefaces v1.8. In Internet Explorer v 7, when I hover over an item that contains the tooltip, I can see the text for that tooltip, but when I then move off of that component, the entire page then dissapears, not just the tooltip text. This behavior doesn't occur in Firefox, ...

10. panelTooltip position

12. generate ids for panelTooltip

15. JS error in panelTooltip

16. ice:panelTooltip positioning

Hi, I want to show some tooltip help for input-fields. I found the ice:panelTooltip component and I think it is the right one to accomplish the task. But I have a question: How can I position the tooltip accordingly with the panelGroup and not with the mouse-cursor? I want to show this tooltip always starting from the bottom-right corner of the ...

17. possible bug in IceFaces panelTooltip

Hi all, I think I found a bug using the Tooltip component. It only occures in InternetExplorer (7 and 8). I am using IceFaces 1.8.2. My Tooltips are inside a table and each row in the table has a rowSelector. When I now move the mouse on the tooltip it gets display and on mouseOut it disappers and everything works fine. ...

18. ice:panelToolTip activated via JavaScript

Hi, I'm trying to use ice:panelToolTip together with OL4JSF, a project to use Open Layers within JSF. Basically I have the following code: Code: // some stuff here // the map facet // draw some markers on the map // ...

19. ice:panelTooltip positioning - probable bug

Hi, I am using ice:panelTooltip in my application. The tooltip itsel contains an expandable tree from which the user selects some node. The bug: The tooltip shows itself after a click on a commandButton, which sets a root property to the backing bean (identifier of the rendered tree). I have two buttons, every one setting different tree. 1) When I click ...

20.  doesn't work well in a pop Up

Hi, I am using the version 1.7 DR3. And I have tested the new component , it works well in many cases: i tested on the rows of a datatable... But when I want to edit a row, I open a Modal Pop with inputText, outputText, SelectOneMenu etc...And I have tested the panelTooltip on almost every component in this modal Pop ...

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26. panelTooltip throws NullPointerException when setting id with a variable

I am using a ui:repeat to create a table from a list. In one of the table cells, I am trying to use a panelTooltip. Here is a code snippet of the table cell: Code:

28. paneltooltip question.