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1. How to get panelconfirmation action on success in icefaces?

I want to get panelconfirmation success action for redirect to another page. How to do in the icefaces panelconfirmation ?

2. panelConfirmation & inputFile

Hi, a. is it possible to use panelConfirmation with inputFile component and if yes, could you provide some hint how to do it? b. if not, is it some way how to disable upload button and provide separate command button to upload file ? Thank you for any help about a. and/or b. :-) Denny

3. panelConfirmation in datatable

Hello, i've got a commandButton in a Column of a DataTable. I've mapped a confirmationPanle to this button. The problem is to position correctly the panelConfirmation. Since the commandButon is in a ice:column tag, the panel opens in this area. I wish i could position the panelConfirmation in the middle of the screen. Any idea ? Thanks.

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12. panelConfirmation Help (work-around)

Hi. I would like to show a panelConfirmation dialog (or something similar). Using a button or commandLink is very easy using the attribute name "panelConfirmation". But, what about if I don't want to use a commandButton or commandLink?? If I want to show the panelConfirmation, for instance, when I select a row in a datable based on certain values I can't ...

13. ICEFaces panelConfirmation: IE7 strange behaviour

Hi, Has anyone had the following problem? I use ICEFaces 1.8.2 to develop portlets in the Liferay Portal (5.2.3). In an ice:dataTable I needed to add a column where there is an ice:commandButton for the action of exclude the registration. To confirm, I'm using an ice:panelConfirmation. The structure of the page is: ice:portlet ice:panelTab ice:dataTable ice:column ice:commandButton ice:panelConfirmation In the Firefox, ...

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