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1. Make two panelpositioned independant

2. panelpositioned row selection

Hi I ahve the following icepanel with the panel and grid inside. i want to identify the panel grid those get repeated into this panelpositioned. what i want is that on click of a particular row i can call some event but it's not possible till now. can anybody help me.

3. panelPositioned drag not constrained

4. ui:repeat in ice:panelPositioned

8. PanelPositioned Row vs Column?

9. panelPositioned with multiple lists

10. panelPositioned is disabled after an event

Hello, I am working with icefaces 1.8.1. I have a page on wich I need to display many ice:panelPositioned in order to switch elements between my lists. But I have encountered a bug that is really embarrasing... Indeed when few events occured on a list, the last panelPositioned become disabled.. You can reproduce this by adding for example 7 panelPositioned on ...

11. ice:panelPositioned not working when new item is added to list

Hi Team, I am using ice:panelPositioned. It works fine in normal scenarios.But when I add a new item to the list after that when I drag the item to a new position it re-arranges to the previous sequence.I m using ICeFaces 1.8.2

15. Entire contents of ice:panelPositioned sent on every interaction

Interesting idea, so I tried adding an id, but it had no effect. I went looking through the source, and found this interesting code/comment in PanelPositionedRenderer.encodeBegin(): Code: if (isChanged(facesContext)) { // Force the re rendering of the entire component. This is due to a strange quick with positioned // panel. When an element is moved in the same list then it ...

16. how to use c:if with

I have string of st[4][3]. I can itterate st. but c:if condition is not validating.Code is as followes. can any one tell me why the if condition is not checking.

19. Problem testing panelPositioned.

20. Remove the link inside panelPositioned when dragging the panel

May I suggest a workaround? You could make an icon that has up and down arrows on it, and look texturised, like something someone should grab, and made your ice:panelGrid have two columns, with that icon on the left, so that each row has one. Then users would have an even better visual indicator that the panelPositioned elements are reorderable, and ...

21. Two panelPositioned interacting

Hi, I have some visual problems using the panelPositioned component. I have two panelPositioned and we can drag items from one to the other without any problem. When it becomes tricky is when there's one panel with no element in it! It works well in FireFox with the CSS element "min-height" in the panelPositioned that tells the browser to leave the ...

22. has anybody used ice:panelPositioned

23. PanelPositioned Problem with Drag n Drop

I have got the following problem concerning the combination of the drag and drop component and the PanelPositioned-component. I want to drag elements into PanelPositioned. It isnt a problem to drop it at the end of the list, but it should be possible to drop it at any position in the list of dropped elements. Is there a chance to get ...

24. < ice: popup> and < ice:panelPositioned> strange behaviour when < ice:selectOneMenu>...

I would like to report that an < ice: popup> and < ice:panelPositioned> has strange behaviour when an < ice:selectOneMenu> is on the page that contains the popup. Basically when a < ice:selectOneMenu> (and other < ice:select...> is on a page that also contains a popup where reordning of a list takes place using the < ice:panelPositioned>-tag, problems rise when dragging ...

25. ice:panelPositioned - problem after page refresh

We have an ice:panelPositioned in our project, with some panelGroups to be sorted. Everything works fine on the first load and the items can be dragged and sorted (no constraints horizontally or vertically). But when i refresh the page (browser reload, pressing F5, etc. and also if i call a programmed redirect...) the movement only works horizontally anymore and no vertical ...

31. menuBar and panelPositioned

Hi, I'm having a problem with a menuBar object coupled with a panelPositioned object. My menu is just on top of the panelPositioned. The menu doesn't appear on top of the panelPositioned element. It is underneath and can not be viewed or selected. Here is a quick example code that is problematic: Code: ...