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2. ice:panelSeries Refresh problem

5. panelSeries

Hi, I want to display products from the database in a panelSeries, but I do not know how to arrange the products in more than one colums. I tried to use a panelGrid, but it does not work, because the panelSeries is created dynamically. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you in advance. Maxi

6. dataTables in ice:panelSeries

7. panelseries not refreshing correctly

8. ice:panelSeries and dynamic includes

public class Page { private String id; private String includeName; public Page(String id, String includeName) { = id; this.includeName = includeName; } public String getIncludeName() { return includeName; } public void setIncludeName(String includeName) { this.includeName = includeName; } public String getId() { return id; } public void setId(String id) { = id; } }

10. panelSeries actionListener and display update question

IE6 - ICEfaces 1.7.1 I have a panel series somewhat like the following code. A table of input text areas with a button that is supposed to grow the size of the adjacent input text area. Code: The code in the action listener simply increments the ...

11. panelSeries

13. panelSeries with dynamic includes

15. panelSeries help needed

17. Draggable objects in a panelSeries

18. Determining index number in ice: panelSeries

I am generating an ice: panelSeries and would like to number each entry based on its position in the list. I would like the first entry to be numbered whatever the "first" attribute of the panelSeries was, the second "first"+1 and so on with the last being numbered "first+rows" Is there any way to get to this information without explicitly storing ...

19. panelSeries and removing items

21. ice:panelSeries multiple columns

22. PanelSeries Duplicate Items when Reloaded in Separate Browser

Here is an odd behavior that I came across while developing an ICEfaces app. I have been able to reproduce using both firefox 3.5.3 and IE 8. I don't think the browsers matter, but that's what I am using. Here is the case: When using both browsers I can open one browser and have the panelseries populate (on first load of ...

23. Using in

24. ice:panelSeries error target unreachable

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: /datosParametricosDeBienes.jspx @128,28 binding="#{datoParametrico.command.inputTextUI}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'datoParametrico' resolved to null com.sun.facelets.el.TagValueExpression.setValue( com.sun.faces.application.ApplicationImpl.createComponent( com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentHandler.createComponent( com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.ComponentHandler.apply( com.sun.facelets.tag.CompositeFaceletHandler.apply( ........ [code] the page are: [code]

36. icefaces 2.0 beta1 issues with panelCollapsible as element in panelSeries

I'am building a menu structure for web site navigation. The menu options are loaded from the database. The menu has two levels. The first level is defined as a collapsible panel (repeated in a panelSerie), the second level is a commandLink repeated as well in a panelSerie (see attached file). On the collapsible panel i need to set the following parameters ...

37. DataTable in PanelSeries

Hello, i am new to jsf and icefaces, so the question may be a bit dump but anyway, i really dont know what i am doing wrong. I have a problem using the dataTable inside an panelSeries and have read some forum posts about the issue that the table doesnt always reflect its model state but I cant get it working. ...

40. Performance issues with ice:panelSeries when there is a large number of child components

Environment: ICEfaces 1.8.2, Seam 2.2.1 Final, JBoss 5.0.1GA, Liferay 6.0.6 GA My app is experiencing some severe performance issues with the deletion and addition of child components in an ice:panelSeries component. I have delete and add functionality so that I can add an additional child component to the panelSeries component. It also has a feature to delete a child component from ...

44. Multiple inputfile on panelSeries component problem

Hi we found some problems regarding ice input file component. We have a panel series that iterates on N beans. Each bean populates a panel with an inputFile ice component. Only one instance of the panel works correctly. If we add panel to backing list of the panelSeries and than we upload a file on the non first panel the file ...

46. Horizontally tiled PanelSeries

48. PanelSeries in Datatable Update Problem

Hi, I have a panel Series inside a datatable column (which for each row display data coming from a Collection). The first set of data displayed in the panelSeries is correct, however if the content of my datatable changes it seems that the panelSeries content is not updated properly (it seem to be the old one). Does anyone have any suggestion ...

50. PanelSeries and dynamic datatable

52. 3 Level PanelSeries nesting error?

Hi, i have 3 levels of PanelSeries running together. You are able to add new Level 2 items onclick. But when adding new Level2 Items a strange behavoiur occours. The new Level 2 item is shown correctly, but its Level 3 subitems are not shown, instead of it the Level 3 subitems of the old Level 2 item at that series ...

54. Problem using panelSeries in a dataTable column

Hi, I'm using ICEfaces 1.6.0 DR5, Build number: 8, Revision: 13974 with faclets and I've found an issue when using an iterative element such as panelSeries in a column of a dataTable. It works perfectly until you navigate to a different page and then navigate back to the original page with the table. At this point the column renders its contents ...

56. Incorrect values display for nested Loop in panelSeries/dataTable

ICEFaces version 1.6.1 (I checked it out from SVN) I construct a bean that has the following structure: Root bean has arrayList of innerBean. (env) InnerBean has arrayList of innerBean2. (enum) InnerBean2 has arrayList of innerBean3. (item) HeaderBean that has a ice:selectOneMenu that has valueChangeListener. Whenever this value change, the application tries to display the rootBean and its component data. The ...

57. PanelSeries / DataTable rendering issue

Hi, I am using a panelSeries component in my application. In each panel I have some code to embed plugin-objects such as quicktime videos. The list of java-objects (with info to create the quicktime videos) attached to the panelSeries is going to be changed through time according to some external events. Right now when a new element is added the whole ...

58. rerendering panelseries

59. rowSelector and panelSeries

60. ice:panelSeries for tiling images

61. PanelSeries and DataTable refreshing issue

I hope this issue will be addressed because Iteratives component doesn't clear their child correctly when parent are updated. You can test this behaviour on my app showcase ( -> online demo link , don't be affraid by the many bugs remaining). You can repeat the bug. Enter the demo by registering yourself ( you can use fake info... but ...

62. DOM Not rendering correctly on update for nested panelSeries and panelCollapsible panels.

I'm using the ICEfaces 1.7.0-DR3 build with Sun RI JSF 1.1 implementation I've implemented a document style template with a list of Sections containing a list of SubSections containing a list of Questions. The template page consists of nested panelSeries to iterate through each list and a panelCollapsible to contain the details of the list elements. So there are nested panelCollapsible ...

65. Dynamic DataTable in PanelSeries problem

Hi, I have a dynamic table that I can hapilly display data using a custom table model and use of the tab. In my application this is used to basically display a resultset from a database query (hence the need for dynamic columsn etc). This works fine when displaying a single table but when i try and display multiple dynamic ...

66. panelSeries and dataPaginator

68. Horizontal PanelSeries

69. ice:panelSeries horizontal alignment

70. Problem with paginated PanelSeries

71. ice:panelSeries first attribute

Hi, I have an panelSeries which should not display the first element of an ArrayList. So I tried it this way:

72. PanelSeries exception with dataPaginator

Using the latest revision fixed the problem but brought some more. Paginator works with panelSeries, but when you use it it seems to change the cursor icon to hourglass like its loading something. Also with the latest revision the size attribute for e.g selectOneListBox is totally ignored and does not work. I understand that of course there are bugs since its ...

73. Validation inside a PanelSeries

Hi! When I have multiple input text with validators inside a panel series, if a validation error occurs, the validation message appears (in a ice:message) and the input text content is reseted. The normal behavior (outside a panel series) I believe is to keep the text inside a input text even if a validation error occurs. Environment: ICEFaces 1.7.1 JBoss 4.2.2 ...

74. PanelSeries problem with inputText

public class ParameterBean { private int id; private String name; private String value; public int getId() { return id; } public ParameterBean(int id, String name, String value) { id; = name; this.value = "fdsfds"; } public String getName() { return name; } public void setName(String name) { = name; } public String getValue() { return value; } public ...