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I need to generate a PDF from a JSP JSF page. I have searched the net, but I didn't found any examples of how should I do this. I need to ...

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Hola , me pueden ayudar con un ejemplo de como generar un reporte pdf de Ireport desde Icefaces. Muchas Gracias, Edwin Munoz. Invite your mail contacts to join your friends list ...

3. pdf output    icefaces.org

I had tried iText in a JSF project without using icefaces framework.It worked fine.But when i switched it to Visual Icefaces in Netbeans 6.5.1 it didn't worked. Both application use the same source code. FYI my actionListener method is given below public void executePDF(final ActionEvent ae) { String fileName = "C:/PdfFiles/Table1.pdf"; byte[] pdf = getTheContentOfTheFile(fileName); FacesContext faces = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); HttpServletResponse response ...

4. Is there any component(in icefaces) to display the swf/xls/pdf files    icefaces.org

hi my requirement is to open a pdf/xls/swf in a popup. howcan i get a poup with pdf/xls/swf files . presently i am using a servlet.I set the content type in the servlet as application/pdf and so on.. I am getting data as byte stream from the data base.know how to give this bytestream/response object of the servlet to the ice:panelpopup ...

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Hi, I would appreciate any help with this please. I have an ICEFaces page within my application which displays tabular data and a nice ICEFaces chart also. I am adding the ability for the user to generate a PDF version of the page using iText and this is fine apart from the ICEFaces chart and how I integrate this. Here is ...

8. Embed pdf in page    icefaces.org

Hi, I'm trying to embed a pdf (created using JasperReports) directly in a JSF page. I was able to use ice:outputResource to create a link to download the pdf, however I now want to create the pdf using a JSF managed bean, access URL parameters, and serve the pdf directly to the browser. Is it possible to use the outputResource, and ...

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Hello everybody :) I am currently trying to display a pdf document in a part of my (icefaces-) page. I tried using the outputRessource component, but it always leads to displaying a link which then opens the pdf in a new browser window. Is there a way to directly embed a pdf into the page ? best regards daniel

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25. Convert pdf to Image    icefaces.org

I am trying to do a simple conversion of a pdf document into an Image format within my program. I have not been able to find any snippets of this code within the forums. I simply want a function that takes in a pdf File as an argument, and returns the resulting Image file

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28. Generate a PDF of an ICEFACES page    icefaces.org

Hi, is it possible to generate a PDF document of an ICEFACES page shown to the user? For example I would like to present to the user a beautiful ICEFACES page with a list of suggested restaurants and enable him to store the page as a pdf document (the pdf document must appear as the page). Thanks in advace. Gio

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I have a link and an outputResouce in a tree that point to a pdf so a user may open in a new window or download by clicking on the icon. This works fine in browsers other than IE7/8. For IE I receive the message "unable to download...the file could not be written to the cache". When I check the headers, ...

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34. Error Handling of CCITT Fax PDF with unknown Height    icefaces.org

I would like to check with the ICESOFT support team if the following issue is known. When parsing a PDF file that is produced by a FAX machine using the CCITT Fax encoding standard, there is cases where the HEIGHT key in the object dictionary is found as reference to another indirect object which does not exist. Based on PDF specification, ...

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Hi, I think it is a stupid problem. But I do not know how it can be cracked: I want need the user to be able to download a file that is stored somewhere in the server. I found some solutions like: http://wiki.apache.org/myfaces/Sending_Files If I integrate this code in my action or actionListener method it does not works. The reason is ...

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44. Open pdf after upload a file    icefaces.org

Hello: I'm using the ice:inputFile component to upload a file, but i have a problem. I use the actionListener method to do some things whith the file and, when i finish the process, i want to open a pdf with the results if everything is ok or to send a message to the user (with a popup) with the errors. I'm ...

45. datatable pdf/xls/xml output    icefaces.org

Has anyone ever worked on a generic export option for exporting data from a datatable in pdf/xls/csv/xml, etc.... I know you can use itext, jasper, and others, but it requires a hook to be built around every table. Wouldn't it be way cool to simply have a few new tags on the like export="pdf,xls" and then have the little icons ...

46. Dynamic PDF Generation    icefaces.org

Hello All, I have a project requirement to generate a PDF document based off the data residing in our database. I've researched itext, poi and apache FOP and I'm not sure if any of these options will be easy to integrate in an ICEfaces/JSF application. Has anyone done this successfully? If so, can you provide a brief example of how you ...

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