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I am very interested hearing if you guys had any validation issues with popup control from icefaces. I am talking about this component:


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Good morning I have a iceface page where I pop up following screen when error occurs I have a button "OK" which closes the popup Now the problem ...

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Hi all, Is it possible to render a PopupBean residing in a different managedbean. E.g. (Using Netbeans Visual Web).. I've created 1st page called Temp1(session scope). Which contains a Button.. and the popup code.. When the button is clicked on it sets a boolean in the bean to true and the popup shows. Next I created a New page, Temp2.. And ...

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Hi all, please could someone clear this up for me.. I'm looking to implement a fairly complex popup in one of my pages. So what I wanted to do was define the popup in its own managedbean and somehow call it in an actionevent from the calling page. My confusion is based on the exampes I've seen of popups all include ...

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hi, I've a problem when I try to show multiples popup in the same page. I've the page "home" and it's composed by two includes (menu.xhtml and footer.xhtml). The menu.xhtml provides acess other options like "Add new User". The option "Add new user", when invoked, show a popup panel with a form and in this form I have more options that ...

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tread01 Joined: 06/05/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 21 Offline Ich habe 2 Beans, eine AdminBean und eine TableBean. In der AdminBean habe ich alles, was zum Popup gehrt (visible variable, openPopup(), closePopup()). In der TableBean baue ich mir eine Datatable auf und benutze den 'selectionListener="#{tableBean.rowSelectionListener}"' der (da ich den rowSelectionListener() nur aufrufen will wenn nur ein bestimmtes Feld (entweder link oder button) ...

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pblais Joined: 19/10/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 12 Offline Hi Philip, Here's the generated HTML code: Code: Panel Popup Component Tutorial