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Hi, I just updated to ICEfaces 1.8.0 and use it in my application together with Seam 2.1.1 on a JBoss AS 5.0.1. The app really runs very smooth and I'm very enthusiastic about the increase in performance. But I have a problem, and I think it's a bug. I include (via Facelets) two popupPanels on a page. One of them contains ...

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There seems to be a bug when using an inputText control inside a panelPopup, the value of the inputText is not updated when the value in backingBean is updated! The problem does not happen with outputText, only inputText. I have created the smallest reproducible example that I could and have attached it to this post. The example shows the inputText and ...

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Hi, I'm facing an error and I am unable to figure out what my problem is. The situation is as follows: I have a Start.jsp that redirects to Login.jsp, there I'm submitting my credentials (which are currently still hard coded in the backing bean, for testing purposes) and then it redirects me to a page with a popupPanel. Again this is ...

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The popuPanel adds additional style which sets the "position" property to "absolute" that will override the style that I set for the popup. "position: absolute" will make the popup hidden behind flash, applet or any other foreign object. The only way to make such popup on top of those foreign objects is to set "position: fixed". But Icefaces popup overrides the ...

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Hi? it is possible have an autocomplete in a popuppanel?, i have the next code what it works in safari but not in IE7, the matches list apears a few seconds and hide. Code:

18. JavaScript error on inputFile when closing popupPanel (semi-urgent)    icefaces.org

I found no solution to this problem and stopped using the icefaces upload component altogether (still experienced the issue with 1.7.2). I ended up writing my own upload servlet and using a regular html file input mechanism (to avoid the quirky iframe the icefaces component uses) The upload servlet gets the faces context and puts it as an InputStream onto a ...