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1. IceFaces maven archetype

Is there an archetype for IceFaces 1.8? And for a portlet with IceFaces? I've found only one in a google project but seems very old... Many thanks

2. Maven dependencies for JSF 2 and IceFaces 2

i have a Spring JSF 2 project which is using IceFaces 2, and i made the project use JSF and IceFaces libraries from properties>project facets, and added jsf capabilities to the ...

3. Using Icefaces 2 with JSF 2.0

I'd like to use Icefaces 2 in my JSF 2.0 web application, but something seems to go wrong. I'm using Maven2 to get the necessary libraries, I used the dependencies posted in ...

4. icefaces under a proxy server?

ICEfaces essentially uses technique 2., although our terminology may be different. For instance, rather than "comet" we refer to a push capability in Ajax as "Ajax Push" (opting for a self-descriptive term rather than a joke based on the fact that both Comet and Ajax are cleaners). We sometimes refer to the networking technique as "blocking HTTP" but "long polling" is ...

5. id attribute from object value

7. Login Page Problem

8. ValueBinding for id Attribute.

10. Confused with the behavior of Required attribute

Hello, I'm creating a very simple login test page. There is an InputText with Required set to true and a Message component to display messages. In order to display a custom message I tried 2 solutions, unfortunately non of them worked: 1- Added a javax.faces.component.UIInput.REQUIRED = " .... " to the resource bundle 2- Set the ReuiredMessage attribute in the component. ...

11. Adding icefaces jars to maven repos

12. Login box of

13. 1.8 : regression on attribute var for datatable

Hi all, In 1.8, It seems that 'var' attribute of datatable is not in request scope as it was in previous releases of icefaces. (I access to var attribute of a datatable with (HttpServletRequest)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequest()).getAttribute(varName)) The scope of this attribute has been reduced and now it is not possible to get 'var' attribute during all JSF phases. The accessibilty of var attribute ...

15. change dataTable value attribute

17. Programmatic login problem

No. No exceptions. No errors. The login method just returns 'false'. I setted log level for Security in GF to finest and still no exceptions. Just one line saying its trying to authenticate user. The EJB login methods return true, but they don't update user roles in Context, so they cant be used. I have a hunch its a problem with ...

18. Maven Source

20. How to achieve login on enter?

21. check user login

22. Vote for Maven

23. hideRootNode attribute does not work

24. maven archetype for component suite

25. Maven repository

Hi, I know the ibiblio repository but unfortunately there is only the 1.8.1 version. In the jboss repository are more versions (1.6 and 1.7) So I have to integrate the RC versions in our Nexus server. Do you have any intentions to publish your own (or publish the RC and perhaps also nightly builds in a snapshot repository) maven repository ? ...

26. id attribute and EL substitution

27. DataTable: accessing a collection attribute ?

Regarding the IceFaces DataTable. ... I can retrieve the value of a simple item's attribute by means of coding item.x. What if item also has a Collection attribute of which I need to retrieve the first element ? Can I code item.statusses(0), or how should I do this ? Thanks, EDH

32. Maven Enterprise Application + ICEfaces

I'm using Netbeans 6.9.1 + ICEfaces 2.0 plugin. I've been able to develop webapps but ICEfaces +Maven doesn't seem to work for me. If anyone can follow these few steps and confirm is there something with my installation of Netbeans or is it common. In Netbeans: File --> New Project --> Maven, Maven Enterprise Application -> Next -> Finish Right click ...

34. sessionId renewal after login

36. icefaces 2 and maven

37. Bestpractice ICEfaces and login (user authentification)

Hello lovely ICEfaces community, first - i'm new here. I've almost no experience in using ICEfaces, but i'll start now, so i'm pretty motivated for learing. At the moment i started to setup a new webproject with ICEfaces using Tomcat Applicationserver. On my start page there shall be a login form on the left hand side (if not logged in) or ...

40. ICEfaces main page login

41. Remove unwanted attributes

42. How to secure only login page

Hi, I want only secure the login page and let the rest of the application over http rather than https. The pb is that while the user access to login page through https, the navigation still in https for the rest of the pages. I don't know how to redirect to http after log in. This is a common issue so ...

44. Should ICEfaces build with maven?

45. how do you create a user login?

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48. WebMail demo - cannot login

49. ice:selectOneMeun required attribute

50. Role based login

51. ICEfaces on public Maven2 repository

55. Cannot use afterPhase or beforePhase JSF 1.2 attributes with ICEfaces 1.6.1

hildo Joined: 14/11/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 111 Offline Hi. I'm using ICEfaces 1.6.1 in a Glassfish V2 environment, writing a web application using JSF 1.2. I'm looking into using the new beforePhase/afterPhase View attributes that were introduced in JSF 1.2. I first wrote a plain JSF 1.2 application using a JSP page. It looks like this Code: <%@page contentType="text/html"%> <%@page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@taglib ...

56. f:attribute does not work with ICEFACES 1.7 ( VERY SERIOUS ISSUE)(NOT WORK)

I again Try this attribute Tag and problem is remain same it is not working, and some time page rendered and some time it is not rendered . I already included the entire lib as you say in the code: As I already say after including tag page behavior is like that when you refresh some time it show ...

58. Login Logout Example

59. oncomplete attribute (ala A4J)

60. Get username after login

Hello, I added security using a JDBC Security Realm in Glassfish and using basic login configuration (so far). This works fine, the login dialog pops up & validates ok. But how can I after the login succeeded retreive the username so that my application knows who have logged in so that I can display the correct data for him ? // ...

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62. Using Maven 2 for building projects

63. icefaces 1.7 and maven2

64. login page