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3. RenderKit HTML for ice:tree is super slow if there are a lot of treenodes.

The renderKit HTML for ice:tree is super slow if there are a lot of treenodes. In the attached screenshot, there are actually 328 TreeNodes off of the the "Commands Todd" branch. When I click on a command TreeNode under the "Commands Todd" branch, it takes 45 seconds to display the selected command TreeNode children. I've checked the dependancies and stepped through ...

4. inputFile throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.RenderKitFactoryImpl

It's just a war which we deploy it to jboss/server/default/deploy. And this error comes out only after uploading a file through ice:inputFile. The file gets imported though, and the application functions as expected. I don't have any other jsf implementation besides myfaces on the server, not even on the associated tomcat. Thanx for the prompt response !

5. ddomDtree.DhtmlxtreeRenderer cannot be cast to javax.faces.render.RenderKit

package ddomDtree; import javax.el.ValueExpression; import javax.faces.component.UICommand; import javax.faces.context.FacesContext; public class Dhtmlxtree extends UICommand{ private String id; public static final String COMPONENT_TYPE = "DhtmlxtreeDDom"; public static final String DEFAULT_RENDERER_TYPE = "DhtmlxtreeDDomRenderer"; public static String getCOMPONENT_TYPE() { return COMPONENT_TYPE; } public static String getDEFAULT_RENDERER_TYPE() { return DEFAULT_RENDERER_TYPE; } public String getId() { ValueExpression vb = getValueExpression("id"); if (vb != null) { id = ...

6. WML Renderkit for ICEFaces?