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1. Weird behaviour Tree inside ui:repeat or ice:panelseries

So i basicly have a tree inside a collapsible and is iterating with a ui:repeat or ice:panelSeries because they pretty much have the same structure

<ui:repeat value="#{navigationBean.navigationPanels}" var="panel"  >

2. ui:repeatn tag inside ui:repeat..not working

I am using ice:faces in my project. I have issues with UI:Repeat. It never works .... ui:repeatn tag inside ui:repeat.. do I need to do anything different..

<html xmlns=""

<ui:repeat value="#{item.rowField3}" var="section">
<ice:panelGrid columns="#{section.columns}">
<ui:repeat items="#{section.fieldInfo}" var="fieldInfo">
<ui:include src="rowField.jspx" />

3. ice:repeat inputText with List, if String is immutable?

I want list to be List<String>. First I display one inputText, each time a user enters data in the inputText I add another empty inputText. If the list already has some ...

4. ui:repeat doesn't work with f:selectItem

i am using icefaces select on menu to select a user from list of users and i want to repeat the selectItem for each user here's what i tried:

<ice:selectOneMenu id="users">

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17. c:forEach vs ui:repeat (a.k.a ice:panelSeries)

Hello, I'm trying to avoid using c:forEach because I heard that JSTL doesn't mix well into the render phase of the JSF... I'm not sure of that claim at all. On the contrary I had to resort to using c:forEach instead of ui:repeat in many cases because the ui:repeate simply does NOT iterate on the collection.. this happened in many cases ...

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20.  and tag together

I am using and tag to play sequence of .wav files. But its not playing in good way to here my captcha text. What i want i can i sleep the thread for 1 second for each ui:repeat Following is my code. How to play ...

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32. Incompatibilities between repeat and panelGrid ?

Hello all, I would like to display a list of collapsilblePanel with a formating over two columns for the panel's detail. My managed bean contains the description of each panel (header and details) as a plain list. The first repeat tag (one for each header) seems to work fine. But the repeat tag that displays the panel detail freezes only two ...