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1. Losing request Attributes

2. request bean not empty when displaying the page

Hello, I have a request Bean and a form where the user can add values. The form is bind to the request Bean. The user then press a commandButton which call a action that stores the values of the Bean in the database. My problem is now, after that i show the page again but the values the user has entered ...

5. Scope request

6. How to get MB from request scope without instantiate if its null.

Hello guys, im using jsf 1.1. I dont want to get the MB with "createValueBinding" or something that instantiate the MB if its null. I want to find out something like this. FacesUtil.isMBAlreadyInstantiateOnCurrentRequestScope("#{myManagebBean}") I had been looking for my MB throughout the request, session and application scope attributes, but i cant found it. Please, help me...

7. Request Object

8. request bean

9. How to propagate parameter in request scoped page?Please help

Hello, I'm trying to use onDemandRenderer on my page. The page has to show details of auction that ID i have set as param in s:link by means of f:param . It's working, I'm redirected to details page and idAukcji parameter is set. But when I want to do any action on details page for instance add new bit ...

11. Ajax request not Working in netweaver / SAP WAS 7.0

Hi, I'm using ICEFaces 1.7.1 with Spring / Acegi Security on a Tomcat 6.0 and SAP WAS 7.0. When I use a netweaver environment( SAP WAS 7.0 SP 16) I can see that the ajax requests will not be handled as xmlhttp requests, but as normal requests. For that reason none of the functionality that actually changes the DOM tree is ...

12. non-ajax request