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1. Using Icefaces Fileupload Getting Error: Could not find resource at /TestFacesDatatable/block/resource

I am trying to use ICefaces fileupload, when I run jspx file, I am getting the following error:

Could not find resource at /TestFacesDatatable/block/resource.
I am using JSF1.1 and Icefaces 1.8.2. How can I ...

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7. Application crashing with "/main.jsp Not Found in External Context as a Resource" error

Hi, I have an icefaces application deployed in a liferay portal. This application is often crashing with the following error message: 13:40:38,123 ERROR [PortletRequestDispatcherImpl:316] javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Exception: javax.faces.FacesException: Problem in renderResponse: /main.jsp Not Found in ExternalContext as a Resource There are only 3 xhtml pages (including main.xhtml) in this application and no main.jsp page. I will be grateful if any of the ...

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10. Icefaces 2 not including resources

11. The 'Resource' Component has bugs?

12. Output resource: null inputstream leads to corrupted file

Hi I'm using an outputResource component dynamically, with a button. Depending on what the user selects on the table, when you click on the button he obtains a different zip file. The problem is: when the user selects NOTHING, no content for the zip file is generated (which means inputStream in the Resource class is null) So when I click on ...

14. OutputResource goes timeout and can't download my resource

Hallo guys I use icefaces 1.8 and Seam. I have a button (outputresource component) that enables the user to download a zip. The zip is generated each time we click on the button because it's depending on some user's selection on the page. My problem is, as I have to perform several webservice calls to generate the zip and it can ...

15. ICE EE composite components contain hardcoded English texts i.s.o. resource references

Hello ICEfaces team, I wanted to translate some of the fixed texts on the editableTable composite component. However, many of the ICE EE composite components contain hardcoded English texts i.s.o. resource references Will this be changed in the (near) future? I will be happy to provide a Dutch translation as I did with the 'standard' components but now I'm stuck. About ...

18. How to check whether a resource is already registered (ResourceDispatcher / PathDispatcherServer)

Hello all, Is anyone clever enough to answer these questions which have stumped me for a while now? 1) How can I programatically test whether Icefaces has already registered a resource (i.e. the resources that are stored in PathDispatcherServer)? How do I get hold of the PathDispatcherServer 2) How can I remove/unregister a specific resource from the registry? It's easy to ...

19. GZIP Resources compression - RESOLVED

22. Icefaces 2 Javascripts, resources are not cached/ Big performance issue

Hi Since I moved from version 1.8 to version 2, when clicking on any link, menu-item etc..., the javascript ice-compat, icepush, the css, the images are constantly fetched, and it slows dramatically my application, sometimes it takes 10 second to display a simple page with a light dataTable. If you take a look at the traces in browser when pressing "F12", ...

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