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1. RowSelector how to use it???

2. Selection with rowSelector not working

Hi All, I have a problem using rowSelector... I have the following dataTable definition which displays an ArrayList named dispAdresses consisting of Adress-Object entries: Code:

3. rowSelector reloads the page when a new row is selected

The problem is that to reload the page, you'll also be getting new request scoped beans, so you'll lose your state. You can move your state into session scoped beans, but then you can't have the same page openned in multiple browser windows or tabs. If you put the yahoo thing into an IFRAME, then you can probably refresh that, without ...

4. RowSelector

Hi, We're using the row selector component and we want to be able to forward the user on to a new page when a row is selected, does anyone know how we can do this? We have it working with a command button that can be clicked after the row is chosed but would like to remove this step and go ...

5. rowSelector actionListener called too early

I have a form that includes a datatable and an inputText corresponding to the currently selected item from the datatable. When another row is selected, unfortuntely first the selectionListener is called to change the selected row, and after the bean-properties are filled. Consequently, the input-field is injected into the new row, not in the row that the value of the input-field ...

7. rowSelector: how to disable unselecting row

Of course not. The problem is not in selected field. Current, default behaviour of rowSelector: - step one, user click on row, row selection is enabled - step two, user click the same row, row selection will be disabled The problem is how to prevent deselecting of current row in "step two", row should be still selected. Main question is "We ...

10. Problem with rowSelector

Hi, I ran into a problem using a rowSelector: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.RowSelector.processDecodes( at com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlDataTable.processKids( at com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlDataTable.iterate( at com.icesoft.faces.component.panelseries.UISeries.processDecodes( at javax.faces.component.UIForm.processDecodes( After a few times clicking the table, the row selector works (well, not the way it should work, but that's another problem). JSP:

11. rowSelector for one column

12. Simple rowSelector help

Hi, I am trying to get rowSelector in dataTable working, but to no avail. I am getting no errors, mouse hoovers over the table changing color of the row but does not react to click. I am using tomcat 6.0.14 and icefaces 1.6.2 Here is my simple example: page: Code:

13. Strange rowSelector behavior after a validation error

Hello there! Long time no see, sorry for that. I have a little annoying issue on my head. I'm using two dataTables, each with a rowSelector: A category dataTable (master one) and a parameters dataTable (sort of cascading one). When I select a category in the first dataTable, I display a list of parameters in that category in the second dataTable. ...

15. ice:rowSelector selectedClass=myClass

16. RowSelector selectionAction

I am running on 1.6.2 using Facelets and I would like to have a RowSelector, that when the row is selected, navigates to a new page. I have attempted doing this with the selectionAction. I have set a breakpoint in my debugger and I find that the method that returns the action is called but the page does not display. I ...

18. rowselector: selectionAction - navigate to a new page.

hi, I'm trying use selectionAction from ice:rowSelector to navigate to a new page. I saw in other topic that this feature will be avaiable on 1.7 version, but this don't work. This is my example: JSP Code: Bean Code: public String rowAction() { //System.out.println("#########"); return "newPage"; } faces-config: /* newPage /NewPage.jsp Anyone ...

20. ice:rowSelector help.

21. ice:rowSelector conditional clicks?

Is it possible to deactivate the rowSelector action for rows when a certain condition is met? For example; I have 10 rows in the table. When you click on a row you advance to another page which is showing some details about the row you clicked on. Some rows have no detail. So if you click on them nothing may happen. ...

23. Rowselector and javascript

24. rowSelector don't update form

I'm using a form tha has a dataTAble with a rowSelector I wished that when a clicked on the line the form fields were updated But when i click in a line on the dataTable the associated method is called, the variables from the bean are upadated but the form fields are not. can anyone help me solve this problem?

26. What's with rowSelector?

27. java.lang.InstantiationException with RowSelector

public class Book { private int bookId; private String title; private String author; private int pages; private boolean selected; public Book(int bookId, String title, String author, int pages) { this.bookId = bookId; this.title = title; = author; this.pages = pages; this.selected = false; } public int getBookId() { return bookId; } public void setBookId(int bookId) { this.bookId = bookId; } ...