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1. how to disable scrollbar in facelets

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9. datatable footer scrollbar issues

When using datatable of icefaces, scrollable feature is set to true and scroll height and columns width are set accordingly. I have 16 columns and 50 rows to display in datatable. For this datatable I have fixed width requirement which needed to fit in fixed width of panelGroup but here the problem arrives. It displays all columns in datatable and resizes ...

10. 1.8.2 PanelBorder Component Scrollbars in Mobile Phones

I've been trying to navigate within PanelBorder component facets and when used in browsers like MS Internet Explorer, Firefox and GoogleChrome everything works fine with the scrollbars. But, when connecting to the web application using a mobile phone like IPhone and Nokia N97, using a broadband connection (not a wap connection), the scrollbars are shown with a shadow but the arrow ...

14. selectInputText 2.0.2 - clicking scrollbar of suggestion list in IE causes list to diseappear

Here is the scenario: 1. selectInputText with selectItems 2. overridden css style: .iceSelInpTxtList{ max-height: 200px; overflow-y: scroll;} When you have a suggestion list that exceeds the height of 200 px , automatically the suggestion list gets a scrollbar. As such, the user can sroll down the list easily, within a limited box for the list, instead of scrolling the page itself ...

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18. Scrollbar inside DataTable

I've noticed that this problem also pops up in the component showcase. When you have a HtmlDataTable object on your page and you add a scrollbar, the scrollbar is placed inside the table. The problem is that an extra column is created and that all the other colums are shifted to the left. This is not a big problem, but the ...