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1. Best practice for implementing search of large number of records?

Please forgive the nooby question, but I'm trying to figure out what is the best practice for implementing searches in a website that could potentially return a large number of records. I need help in what ICEfaces tages I would use (I'm assuming dataTable and paginator or something like this) as well as how to implement the underlying queries (some sort ...

2. Searching for SIMPLE push example

ITReppert wrote: Hi Brad, the SVN seems like a good source. I'll look for it. I just started thinking, that I'm too stupid, because I don't get any step further. Perhaps now. Regards, Holger We wrote this little tutorial awhile back to illustrate using a messaging solution, but this example also uses server push (very similar to the icefaces aucthun ...

3. [Poll] New Forum Search Technology

5. Search engines

6. After searching, components stop working

Hi all.... it's been a while :P... glad to see things are lively here. Anyway, I've been working again with our ICEfaces app (already in prod), and something peculiar happens.... We have a page that does a search of some records, and then displays results in a data table. Works like a charm. But, for some reason, after we do the ...

8. How to Search data from dataTable