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1. JSF Problem with selectInputDate

I have a problem with selectInputDate: I have a backing bean which I am binding to the selectInputDate... I have a menu which when the menu changes I set the date to now ...

2. Icefaces 2.0: Problem with ice:selectInputDate inside custom component

I am trying to create a custom jsf2 component in order to avoid tyiping the converter and message tags for my date fields. I've done this with Icefaces 1.x using templates. ...

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9. selectInputDate failure

Hi, I seem to be having a strange issue. Yesterday my portlet was working fine with the selectInputDate. I click on the calendar button, the popup appears, can select years and months and then select my date. Now if I click on the for a different year or month it closes the popup. I have a previous war from yesterday but ...

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