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1. JSF selectItem question

Is there a way to dynamically create a selectItem list? I dont really want to have to create lots of bean code to make my lists return List<SelectItem>... I tried this:


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6. Formatting of SelectItems

7. Icon with selectitem on the label

I am using ice:selectOneRadio to output a set of radio buttons However my question is: is it possible to make the labels on the radioButton something other than vanilla text? for example if I do something like I would like to in addition to "Home" text, to have an icon of a home displayed next to the radioButton. ...

8. SelectItem Converters

I'm new to icefaces and having some difficulties understanding the best ways to accomplish this task. I have a selectonemenu, I generate SelectItem array from a bunch of objects. like... selectItemList.add(new SelectItem(people[i],people[i].getName()); I set the valueChangeListener on the selectonemenu but when the value changes the event.getNewValue() always just has the string representation of people[i]... Shouldn't I get back the object instance ...

9. problem with ice:selectOneMenu and f:selectItems tag in request scope

I am new to IceFaces development.My problem is to select the country and state from selectOneMenu if i put my in request scope if i put in session scope it work fine. here is my jsp code

Select Country
Select State

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17. selectItems XSS vulnerability?

19. SelectInputText - how to refresh the f:selectItems contents with no match

Hi, I followed the tutorial to use selectInputText along with f:selectItems to populate an auto-complete input. It works fine, but there is one issue I have not been able to resolve. If the popup is populated with say 5 items when the user types 'w' and the next character is a, and there is no match with 'wa', the backing bean ...

24. Can't set empty labels to selectItems

25. SelectItem issue

Hi, I am using the selectOneMenu where the SelectItem has a value that is not a String (it is an object I have defined). This doesn't seem to work (in fact nothing works in my app if I do that). After playing with it a little and changing the value of the SelectItems to String type the application works. Is that ...

28. selectItems validation error

public SelectItem[] getCmsListItem() { SelectItem[] cmsListItem = null; try { CmsInfo[] cmsList = /* a method which returns an array of CmsInfo */ cmsListItem = new SelectItem[cmsList.length]; for (int i = 0; i < cmsList.length; i++) { cmsListItem[i] = new SelectItem(cmsList[i], cmsList[i].getName() + " (" + cmsList[i].getUsername() + ")"); } } catch (Exception e) { ... } return cmsListItem; }

31. How to have diferent selectItems in each row of a column in a dataTable.

Hi all. I have one dataTable whith two columns of type selectOneMenu. I need that when I change the value in the first column, automatically the second column change its select options, but only the selected row, not the entire column. This is because the options in the first column each one have diferents suboptions in the second columns, for example. ...

32. ice:selectOneMenu not respecting f:selectItem 'itemValue' ?

I have this: Code: "someObject.someproperty" refers to a get/set of a certain custom class (ex. "MyClass") . The "someValue" is an instance of "MyClass". When I select "test" (and submit the form) I want that the instance is set on "someObject". However, I get a : "search:type: An error occurred when processing your ...

33. Is it necessary to have more than one selectItem inside ice:selectOneRadio

No i cant use a check box. Actually the case is, i have a data table where the first column of each row is a radio button. Now at any time, i should allow only one radio button to be selected in the entire data table. but the problem is iam not able to do grouping for the radio buttons, as ...

34. How to sort a selectItem?

35. Incremental update of selectItems very slow

[window.4yyJ#1.sync-connection] [9800895] : receive [200] OKicefaces-d2d.js (line 18) [window.4yyJ#1] applied update : icefaces-d2d.js (line 18) [window.4yyJ#1] applied update : icefaces-d2d.js (line 18) [window.4yyJ#1] applied update : icefaces-d2d.js (line 18) [window.4yyJ#1] applied ...

36. List and SelectItems

private List listaDeResponsaveis; public List getListaDeResponsaveis() { // TODO: handle exception if (this.listaDeResponsaveis == null) { this.listaDeResponsaveis = new ArrayList(); ArrayList diretores = new Coliseum.pages.coliseum.cadastro.pessoas.diretoria.Diretoria() .getDiretores(); for (Diretoria diretor : diretores) { SelectItem item = new SelectItem(); item.setLabel(diretor.getPessoaMaster().getNome()); item.setValue(diretor.getId()); this.listaDeResponsaveis.add(item); } } return listaDeResponsaveis; } public void setListaDeResponsaveis(List listaDeResponsaveis) { this.listaDeResponsaveis = listaDeResponsaveis; }

37. selectItem's disabled property does not work in IE

My scenario it's a little bit more complex meaning that I have several selectOneMenu components where selection of a selectItem in one of the them triggers enabling or disabling of one or more selectItems in other selectOneMenu components. Enabling and disabling of the items is a much more straightforward implementation and it also allows the user to see other possible available ...