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1. [solved] selectManyListbox does not fire

public class TestForm { private List currentStatus = new ArrayList(); public List getStatusAsItems() { List items = new ArrayList(); for (TestStatus s: TestStatus.values()) { items.add(new SelectItem(s)); } return items; } public List getCurrentStatus() { System.out.println("get"); return currentStatus; } public void setCurrentStatus(List currentStatus) { System.out.println("set "); this.currentStatus = currentStatus; } public void change(ValueChangeEvent event) { System.out.println("change"); } }

2. Styles for ice:selectManyListBox

3. ice:selectManyListbox

5. horizontal scroll for selectOneListBox and selectManyListBox

Hi All Please help me with this issue. I have two list controls on a page, where the contents may come more than 50 characters in length. I just want to put a horizontal scroll bar for each of the component, but its not coming effective. I tried CSS override, styleClass etc, but no change occurred. Anybody have an idea?

6. selectManyListBox help

8. show ice:inputText in ice:selectItem of ice:selectManyListbox

Hi, Pls refer the attached screen. I have two ice:selectManyListboxes. I have to add selected items in right ice:selectManyListbox to left ice:selectManyListbox. In left ice:selectManyListbox along with the selected items i have to add a new label and a text box as well. Please help me, how can i add a ice:inputText in ice:ice:selectManyListbox?

9. Remove Items from SelectManyListBox

Hi i am using Icefaces SelectManyListBox..i have two SelectManyListBox.Which is used for Data mover.when u select one item and click < then it will moved to second SelectManyListBox and remove from the Orignal.. My Code is below for(int i=0;i

10. SelectManyListbox event problem!

Hello guys. In my ICEfaces application I got an "ice:selectManyListbox" and three "ice:commandButton". The listbox contains 10 "f:selectItems" for example. One of the buttons is always enabled. The other both I want to enable not until then if there is only one item selected in my listbox. How can I realize that? Is there an event by selecting one of the ...

12. How to detect double-click in SelectManyListBox

Just like in subject how can I detect double-click in "SelectManyListBox". I know this component have attribute "ondblclick" but this is for JavaScript and I want to detect this double-click in java class (in my bean). I assume this will not be easy and I don't expect working code (but will by nice ;) ). Im expecting idea how can I ...

13. Move option between two selectManyListbox using javascript

I have two selectManyListbox moving options from Left to Right / Right to Left which i am doing in Javascript and it is working fine. But when i click submit button error is occured. Error: Code: 1. 16:21:43,968 ERROR [lifecycle] JSF1054: (Phase ID: PROCESS_VALIDATIONS 3, View ID: /pages/main.jspx) Exception thrown during phase execution: javax.faces.event.PhaseEvent[source=com.sun.faces.lifecycle.LifecycleImpl@186c1c] 2. 16:21:43,968 ERROR [[Blocking Servlet]] Servlet.service() for ...

14. selectManyListbox breaks all ajax

15. SelectManyListbox converter problem

com.icesoft.faces.renderkit.dom_html_basic public class MenuRenderer extends DomBasicInputRenderer { public Object convertSelectValue(FacesContext facesContext, UISelectMany uiSelectMany, String[] newSubmittedValues) throws ConverterException { [...] if (List.class.isAssignableFrom(valueBindingClass)) { return convertList(facesContext, uiSelectMany, newSubmittedValues); } [...] } protected List convertList(FacesContext facesContext, UISelectMany uiSelectMany, String[] newSubmittedValues) throws ConverterException { // if newSubmittedValue is null return zero-length array if (newSubmittedValues == null) { return new ArrayList(); } // Determine if a ...

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17. selectManyListbox - IE 6.0 displaing

18. error while coding selectmanylistbox

19. Binding doubleclick of a selectManyListbox

Hi, can I ask for help on what's the best way to bind the double-clicking of a value in a selectManyListbox to an action? Using ondblclick with getElementById to get my button (so I can .click it) doesn't seem an elegant approach due to the generated "id" value (I'd have to hardcode the button id in my page).

22. problem with selectManyListbox

23. SelectManyListBox - Argument is not an array

Hi, I'm aving some problems generating the SelectItems for the SelectManyListBox. Below you will find a piece of code in order to understand what I'm trying to do. [i]JSPX code:[/i] [code] [color=blue][size=9] [/size][/color] [/code] [i]Managed bean code for generating the SelectItem objects:[/i] [code] this.availableRoles = new ArrayList(); RoleList.roleList = new ArrayList(roleDAO.findByLanguageId(this.currentLanguageId)); for(int ...

24. SelectManyListBox doesn't work

25. selectManyListBox: Getting selected items as objects?

..imports.. public class AddHccBean { private List all_examinations = new ArrayList(); private List all_examination_items = new ArrayList(); private ExaminationUnit[] hcc_examinations; { //populate listbox all_examinations.addAll(new ExaminationUnitDAO().findAll()); for (int i=0;i<=all_examinations.size()-1;i++) { all_examination_items.add(new SelectItem(all_examinations.get(i),all_examinations.get(i).getName())); } } public List getAll_examination_items() { return all_examination_items; } public ExaminationUnit[] getHcc_examinations() { return hcc_examinations; } public void setHcc_examinations(ExaminationUnit[] hcc_examinations) { this.hcc_examinations=hcc_examinations; } }

26. selectManyListBox: text and images