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Hi, I am using two SelectManyMenu components were one "SelectMenus"items will be selected and pushed into another "SelectMenu" as an items to it on Click of the Command Button . I'm using HTMLSelectManyMenu and value Attribute ArrayList to update the pushed items to list. But it is not reflecting on the page populating the pushed items in selectMenu My code:Code:


2. Select objects from selectManyMenu

4. ice:selectManyMenu = blank, no items

7. How to get the values in ice:selectManyMenu tag as selected by default

Hi Mayank, well, I already guessed that you dynamically try to load your items :-) Basically, there is no difference to the method shown above. You just have to make sure that you are populating the values that should be preselected into a String array. Let me know if this works for you. Best regards, Michael

8.  rendering issue.

I am using tag and contain values from 1 to 100 in it.In the display it shows the first value 1. Suppose the selected value is 10 and when the page initially load I need to display the value 10 as first and selected. But it is not happening ,value 10 is highlighted as selected but it is not moving ...

9. Problem regarding tags and

Hi, i am using components and in my application.But there is problem while using this component is that when any non modal pop comes on these component, these component come on top(above) the popup inspite of giving z-index negative Same problem occures with . Can someone give me solution on this?

10. ice:selectOneMenu and ice:selectManyMenu disappears when ever modal popup appears

hi, I am facing problem with icefaces modal popup. In my application whenever any modal popup renders all ice:selectOneMenu and ice:selectManyMenu components gets disappear from parent screen and they start appearing again once i close the modal popup. All ice:selectOneMenu and ice:selectOneMenu components are populated dynamically based on the user interaction. So anyone please help me in finding the solution that ...