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1. How do I add a selected value to ice:selectOneMenu?

I'm facing a problem with the ice:selectOneMenu component in Icefaces.. In more details : When I fill the SelecItems arrayList I set an empty selcetItem at the first index in ...

2. ice:selectOneMenu sending the wrong value

I have multiple drop down menus with my JSF/ICEFaces application that update each others so depending on the selection of one the contents of others update. The problem is that the menu ...

3. Problem in filling SelectOneMenu with data

in my class I have an Option[] attribute years and a filling method:

public void buildYearOptions(){
    int initialYear = 1900;
    int currentYear = Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.YEAR);

4. storing separate session variables for different SelectOneMenu(s) in a dataTable JSF

I have a dataTable which has a value of a bean class which looks like this:

public class myBean {
    private List<SelectItem> depList;
With getters and setters. My getter calls a ...

5. Setting list items in ice:SelectOneMenu

I wish to set items from a list to the selectonemenu in icefaces. But when I do the same I get the following error: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to javax.faces.model.SelectItem The is ...

7. SelectOneMenu problem

8. 'selectOneMenu' doesn't always render when 'id' is not set.

I have an Icefaces 1.7.1 app that uses the 'selectOneMenu' drop down boxes. I have a page that uses a few and I don't have the 'id's set on them. The first time I go the the page they all render. The second time one of them doesn't. The values necessary for it are working in the manage bean. 'id' is ...

9. SelectOneMenu default value

10. selectOneMenu - 2 simple questions

11. selectOneMenu in dataTable

12. Use selectonemenu in Datatable

Hi friends, I just now started to work with icefaces component suite and i am wondering that how we can use selectonemenu control within datatable. Datatable rows data comes from backend bean List and one column contain selectonemenu items. Each row has differnt selectmenu items default based on the value of current Row data with possible other values. If any body ...

13. How to: 2 SelectOneMenu

14. Using SelectOnemenu

15. SelectOneMenu into for each problem


20. SelectOneMenu problem

22. Please help me understand SelectOneMenu

bolo Joined: 05/02/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 99 Offline Hi All, I'm having a real hard time trying to get the SelectOneMenu to work. I have a form displaying a 'Film' object which contains a many-to-one relationship with a Rating. These represent standard film classification, e.g. U, PG, 15 etc... The rating is present in a SelectOneMenu. I have a Film object behind ...

23. How can select an item in to ?

24. How can get a value from selectOneMenu of tree

Hi all, I'm new with icefaces and I must use a tree (component-showcase example) for my app! Now in my jspx I have: ... and for my example, in the content facet, I have replace commandLink with a selectOneMenu, ... ...

25. ice:selectOneMenu

26. Popup and selectOneMenu

I have a popup and it has When I open the popup, selectOneMenu is not updated with new value and it always has the firstvalue on the list. All other text components get the updated data through the setter methods . Is there any thing , I have to do Thanks Keerthikanth

28. selectOneMenu frustration

29. selectonemenu add item

30. problems with SelectOneMenu component in Visual Designer

I have a problem, it seems that the SelectOneMenu does not work properly in 1.8. If I try to populate the drop-down menu with items from a backing bean I get the following message in the IDE (Netbeans 6.5.1) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null MessageFactory at com.sun.faces.renderkit.RenderKitUtils.getSelectItems( at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.MenuRenderer.getOptionNumber( at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.MenuRenderer.renderSelect( at com.sun.faces.renderkit.html_basic.MenuRenderer.encodeEnd( when I deploy it everything works correctly but I can't use ...

31. problems with selectOneMenu (solved)

32. selectOneMenu resizable

33. SelectOneMenu didn't select the value

36. Editable SelectOneMenu

37. selectOneMenu

39. ice:selectOneMenu : validator error

40. SelectOneMenu options issue

44. using selectOneMenu inside a dataTable

I found the following message on some web site.... If I understand correctly, I think you may be on a trip down the rabbit hole. It sounds as if you want a selectOneMenu inside of a dataTable where the select items are different for each row of the table. I do not think that is possible. I want to know if ...

46. SelectOneMenu Component

47. Can't get ReadOnly on SelectOneMenu

I am using icefaces 1.8.1 in Netbeans (installed by nbm from icefaces site) I am trying to set a selectonemenu to be readonly, but where the "V" arrow greys out it can be still selected and shows the component options. Any ideas, guessing its a bug, but a workaround maybe helpful. Thanks for any help. James

49. selectonemenu resets when selected

Sorry..I just assume that everyone knows to look in the latest version of component-showcase where there is an example. You can even click on a control to show what the normal (jsf-like) behaviour without using this component to see what the difference is. If you are unfamiliar with the sample applications (this one is shipped with the distribution bundle) there are ...

50. How to reload ice:tree changing selectonemenu

Hi, Basically I have a working tree with some checkbox inside: yes, my userObject have already the working selected property. Here is my SelectOneMenu that works quite good: My question is: How ...

52. Theme selectOneMenu

Hello everyone, First I would like to thank you all for the great software, I found it about 2 months ago and was so impress that i decided to use it in my next project. And since I'm no expert in icefaces I have questions :). I have a ice:selectOneMenu for the selection of the three styles that come with ICEFaces, ...

54. Locate dinamic position SelectOneMenu

55. Locate SelectOneMenu dinamic position

Hi friends. I'm using SelectOneMenu (SOM) and I'm loading datas from a DB, but I need when shows the page the default position in the (SOM) be dinamic not the default position 0; -------------- |0) VALOR 1 | --> It is the default position that the SOM |1) VALOR 2 | |2) VALOR 3 | |3) VALOR 4 | -------------- I ...

56. BackingBean on selectOneMenu works but with error in Visual Design Editor

package mypack.web; import javax.faces.model.SelectItem; public class MyBean { private String tipoMovimiento; private SelectItem[] optTipoMovimiento; public String getType() { return type; } public void setType(String type) { this.type = type; } public void setOptType(SelectItem[] optType) { this.optType = optType; } public SelectItem[] getOptType() { if (this.optType == null) { SelectItem[] itemType = new SelectItem[3]; itemTipoMovimiento[0] = new SelectItem("0", "None"); itemTipoMovimiento[1] = new ...

58. selectOneMenu's and Embedded Anchors

59. ice:selectOneMenu Validator

60. problem in selectOneMenu

61. ice:selectOneMenu

62. ice:selectOneMenu w/ disabled

65. Preselect an element in a SelectOneMenu-how to???

Hi. I have a selectOneMenu populated with the month of the year 1 January 2 February ...... Right now Its May, and I would like to open my page and get selected in the selectOneMenu May. In property Value I pass the selectedValue with the actual month but no way. It always gets the first element in the list. I don't ...

70. Required validator on selectOneMenu

I've got a problem when i try to fire the required validator on an selectOneMenu component. When i click on submit button the validation is not done. the component code is : And the code for completing the values of the component is: public static SelectItem[] getHours() { SelectItem[] hours ...

72. selectOneMenu re-render?

75. SelectOneMenu Rending Issues

76. SelectOneMenu problem

issel Joined: 23/11/2010 05:01:46 Messages: 3 Offline Hi, i am playing with Netbeans 6.5 and visual Icefaces trying to understand something about JSF... I have simply drag and drop a SelectOneMenu component, bind it to a a DB table and run the application. Until i change the value in the combo everything is ok but when i try to change the ...

77. Can I add SelectOneMenu in a DataTable cell in version 1.7.2

Greeting, I need a table to display some data from a list of String arrays,I also want put a DropList,like SelectOneMenu beside the data to change the data,is that possible to implement in version 1.7.2,because I current working on a legacy project which do do have a plan to upgrade. Thanks advance!

78. selectonemenu blocked

79. Internet Explorer 6 - selectOneMenu

I am currently working on a system that requires to work in IE6. Yes we are aware it is quite old. When i select a menu item and it goes over the selectOneMenu the selectOneMenu comes to the front. Have a look at the attached file. The drop down should be in the background.

80. selectOneMenu - onchange - Java script

I have a form where tehre are two drop down menus 1) select states 2) select countries If the user selects a country, the first menu options should automatically change into the respective states of the country. For that, I have a javascript file in my WEB-INF/js/ I would like to know how I can make that call to that java ...

81. issue in selectOneMenu

82. SelectOneMenu: no valid value

@FacesConverter("themeConverter") public class ThemeConverter implements Converter { private ThemeControl themeControl = new ThemeControl(); @Override public Object getAsObject(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, String value) { try { return themeControl.getTheme(value); } catch (Exception e) { // Methode darf kein throws enthalten. return null; } } @Override public String getAsString(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value) { return value.toString(); } }

83. issue in selectOneMenu

There could be many ways. One simple way is if you know default label and value. Let's say 'Click' label and value empty. The rest of the items being list of Solar Planets. Do the following way. The above always first show -Click- as first item. It value being empty. In your ...

87. selectOneMenu issue

Hi, I'm having problems getting the selectOneMenu to work correctly. Submit does not work, and other things on the same page do not work, as long as I have a selectOneMenu on my page. The select is on a simple array of Strings, one of the supported types for the Select components. I found the following topic which I thought might ...

88. Assigning an action to SelectOneMenu selection

I've got a form with a selectOneMenu component inside. I've set the "partialSubmit='true'" property on it, so the form gets submitted every time the select value change. I need to associate an action to the change of value of the select. I tried to perform the action in the setter of the property value of the select, but it's not really ...

89. selectOneMenu converter doesnt work

91. problem with selectOneMenu

92. selectOneMenu onChange don't work

Hello, i have tryed to execute javascript on onChange event on selectOneMenu. For some reason it is missing from the rendered html. I set it to onBlur and it worked. So there si a problem in onChange event. But I really need this script to be executed on onChange. What is the problem?

94. SelectOneMenu - Problem with commandLinks

I have a jsp with a datatable and a commandLink which opens a modal dialog to insert a new item to the datatable. everything works fine until i add a selectonemenu to the jsp where i can choose a layout for the datatable (visible/invisble columns). because when i add this selectionmenu nothing on the jsp is working, neither the commandLink or ...

95. SelectOneMenu problem!!!

96. Converter for selectOneMenu?

Buddy, A selectOneMenu, normally is based on a SelectItem[] (Array). The SelectItem object gets two parameters: The value, and the label. Both are defined as objects. So for the value you can assign a Person instance. For the label, obviously use a String or you migth have quite odd labels. The only thing you must be aware is that the "selectedItem" ...

97. SelectOneMenu + validations

Hi All, I have a form woth a selectOneMenu components and few other text fields which are mandatory fields. User selects a city in first menu and corresponding data should be populated in text fields, this has been doen with the previous help. now my problem is if I enter some text in text fields and change the listerne, data is ...

98. selectOneMenu

Man, don't wanna offend you, but this is not an IceFaces issue. You should get your hands on a Faces book, google around for some tutorials and also, why not, use your brains. What you ask is not difficult at all, but any short answer you would get here would turn into a long conversation, 'cause there are some details you ...

100. Improved selectOneMenu?