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3. SelectOneMenu

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8. problem change the selected item in SelectOneMenu

I add two CommandLinks (named previous and nexe) and a SelectOneMenu which contains a list. I want to change selected item to next one when press "next" commandLink and display previous one by press "previsous" commandlink. I add action listiener o commandlink to change the selected Item but just see SelectOnemenu flicks but value not changed. any one has similar problem? ...

9. selectOneMenu lostfocus problem

13. How to save null value with selectOneMenu? (i.e. optional field)

Dear all, With this simple example: an employee has zero or one manager. @Entity @Table(name="employees") public class Employee extends BaseEntity { ... @ManyToOne @JoinColumn(name="manager_id", nullable=true) private Manager manager; ... } but it generates this error: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" If i use itemValue="0" i get some other errors. What's ...

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17. problem with selectoneMenu

I wrote an application with a simple dropdown box linked to a class. Here's the code of the class: package provatempif; public class GestioneDD {// class private String[] elementi = new String[] { "Elemento1", "Elemento2", "Elemento3", "Elemento4" }; public String[] getElementi() {// get return elementi; }// get public void setElementi(String[] elementi) {// set this.elementi = elementi; }// set }// class and ...

18. ice:selectOneMenu

Hi: I have two dropdowns d1 and d2.d1 contains the userid's and d2 contains names corresponding to userid's.Change in d1's selection should trigger change in d2's selected item.I am aware that this is possible with ADF faces using partialTriggers attribute.Is there a way we can achieve the above functionality using ICEfaces??? Thank you,for all your responses.

19. ice:selectOneMenu

Folks, Here Is a small problem which I am facing. I have two dropdowns, one for ID and other for NAMES. Both of them are populated from the database. I want to give a choice to the user of either selecting a name or id from either of them and other dropdown value should automatically be selected Ex : Dropdown one ...

20. Setting Initialized value in

I am using . I can not figure out how to set initialized value and how to reset this element. Here are the code snippets. JSP: BEAN: private DefaultSelectedData selectRoleMenuBean = new DefaultSelectedData(); private DefaultSelectionItems selectRoleMenuItems = new DefaultSelectionItems(); public DefaultSelectionItems getSelectRoleMenuItems() { String sTemp ...

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24. selectOneMenu problem (Value is not a a valid option)

Hi guys ! I am having a problem with two selectOneMenu. In my jspx page I have two selectOneMenu where the second selectOneMenu is a list items from first selectOneMenu. The problem is when I change the value from my second selectOneMenu and after I change the value from first selectOneMenu so the event valueChangeListener from first selectOneMenu populate again the ...

25. Problem with two selectOneMenu

26. Problem with two selectOneMenu

f_colaneri Joined: 22/03/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 4 Offline Hi everybody ! I am having a problem with two selectOneMenu in my program. In my program I have two selectOneMenu where the second selectOneMenu is dependent for first selectOneMenu (like a state and city for example). When I select a state for example (first selectOneMenu) the second selectOneMenu show the respective values (cities) ...